weekend warrior: Ainge & Andie

i am very tired right now.  my eyes are aching but at least i finally managed to get a pair of functional glasses after 3-4 months of wearing my one-armed snaggle pair.  my eyes can b.r.e.a.t.h.e.

the weekend was fantastic.  ainge's soiree was a success!  it was a stressful end to the week as i worked both wednesday and thursday night.  i didn't have much time to get anything together at all and i was very nervous about the entire situation, getting the uncomfortable vibe that we were almost unwelcome teenagers that were planning some crazy, boisterous, sex party and would be fined for destroying everything in the room.

i thank my lucky stars for cait as she unparalyzed my fear of combining cake box ingredients, showing up 2 hours before my thursday night shift to help do the mixing and leaving me to do the tinting.  i stayed up after my shift, layering, jamming, and frosting the cake knowing full well that i would have ZERO time on friday to deal with any cake business.  i dropped the kids off at my mom's at noon and came back home to pack and figure out what the hell i was going to wear.

last hours with kids before my 24 hour vacation.  

i knew i was going to miss them 
so we had waffles with Coconut Liberte yogurt and the organic strawberries that were on sale at work
agave syrup

moses is very cute.  he now specifically requests for "agave"

chloe trying on her $5 H&M dress
moses' junk in the trunk of his firetruck car
thrift shop table and chairs
still jonesing to get these damn chairs painted but haven't had time to sand them 
the paint cans are beckoning me
i'm in the process of getting a new blog together that will have links to this family blog, the pauhaus blog, and other links to showcase my favourite (kids) books, recipes, and the awesome toy set ups that i find around the home when the kids are away or asleep.

here, moses has positioned chloe's hello kitty house on top of the mountain tunnel for his train tracks
inside the house, a little person is sleeping (hopefully) face down
on the shoe sitting bench, a tray of giraffes on pancakes
back at home, i finally managed to put an outfit together.
in a lot of ways, i don't miss having to dress up like this for work every morning.  i totally remember it being a struggle even if i planned it the night before.  first, an explosion of clothes would take over the house.  second, even if i decided on an outfit, i would be sweating and stressed out the next morning over "not feeling it" and trying to put something else together.

my favourite cardigan by CARDIGAN
dropped a heavy $300 back in the olden days on a trip to LA
hand-me-down sheer black cotton spaghetti strapped top
high-waisted floral puff skirt from Forever21
black platform maryjanes from Aldo
my fears of being treated like an outsider fell by the wayside, even as i drove up in my 2008 City Jetta.  i was kindly greeted, and Ainge's cake was taken away to the kitchen to be later brought up with a stack of dessert plates and forks on a 

inside.  alone.  i danced and giggled like a school girl, ooooh-ing and aaaahhh-ing at the gorgeous space that would be ours for the night.
bonnet de douche
token photos of me prior to intoxication
it's like we're still in high school
drinks enjoying the sunset
omg vancouver is so ugly
thanks to Brock for taking a bunch of photos while i was...
kevin broke his legs but didn't seem to notice
Carly seeing Asians for the first time and very impressed
 birthday girl
happy birthday
serious success
i love this photo.  
playing MASH
and making LULZ magnetic poetry
morning after
ainge slept on the makeshift bed of cushions right by the huge window 
what a perfect way to wake up

the Signature Suite included private breakfast buffet on the 20th floor
it was fully stocked with fresh baked goods, fresh squeezed juices, coffee, tea, muffins, breads, spreads, oatmeal with endless toppings, organic boiled eggs, yogurts, cottage cheese, tonnes of fruits, breakfast wraps, hash browns, sausages, deli meats and cheeses, EVERYTHING.  it was the perfect breakfast and i would have gladly ate my lunch and dinner there too.

following check out, we took a relaxing drive sans children out to North Van to pick up my glasses and a CD with the photos from the photoshoot a few weeks back.  part of me is unhappy with the glasses because no matter what frames i get, my prescription is so strong that i am going to get FACE SHRINK no matter what.  part of me wishes i went with the Marc Jacobs frames instead of my vintage ones, and just put non-prescriptive lenses in them.  the cd was blank which i'm sure was an accident.

i dropped kevin off at his car.  i went to pick up the kids from my mom's, he went home.  had a "surprise" visit from my friends Jimin and Dara and their chihuahua-pug Baxter.  i say surprise because i forgot i had invited them over and they called me just as i walked in the door.

THEN it was time for Andie's birthday party!  THEN coming home and putting kids to sleep!  THEN getting my clothes ironed/steamed for work the next morning!  THEN staying up to make myself breakfast to save time in the morning!

i am very very tired.

Andie's birthday...

probably due to my exhaustion, my brain decided to randomly paint the kids' faces for the party

this cracked me up so badly

loved the MINI party sombreros!




chloe learned to blow hard enough to make this work!

moses with great grandma 
(playing alphabet games on grandma's iPhone)

of course chloe freaked out about the shoes...

Mudpuddle by Robert Munsch

these are not photoshopped, these are the neon glowing bracelets

saw for the bunny below

ok.  that's it.

i managed to make it throughout my 8 hour shift today.
and another week awaits us.


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