welcome cherry blossoms!

lying in bed this morning, i ask moses to tell me what time it is
moses: nine - five - six....

frozen waffles it is!  whatever.  they were good.
with lemon yogurt and frozen blueberries and a little maple syrup

they love fitting the berries into the squares

we did a quick walk into town.  it was windy and cold again.  dropped by the bank to deposit all the cash collected for ainge's shindig and said hello to kevin's sisters and Andie at Sublime.  kev's mom is still on Spring Break and helping to do the Spring Break art classes.  she arrived just before we left which was nice for the kids to see her.

i can't wait to take a photo and show you their new window!  it is FANTASTIC!

we came back home for another PBJ & Banana lunch.  it was quick because i really wanted to head out behind our complex to grab a few branches from the newly blossomed cherry blossom trees.  

there was some dawdling...

beware the Back Alley Kids!

they pick their nose...

they wear watermelon ribbon necklaces with plastic balls around their necks

they don't give a shhhhhhhhhiii....

the 3 lonely cherry blossoms

once again, it started to rain and chloe had a poopy diaper and it was her nap time

moses was very well behaved during chloe's nap, allowing me to do a big clean up which included washing the floors!  i also managed to get dinner 90% together so by the time kevin came home, i could squeeze in a little art project for moses before dinner!

cherry blossom painting

he had trouble blowing the brown paint to make the tree trunk for his cherry blossom tree
so i helped him

he had a good time plopping his little flowers here and there


art is fun


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