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the weekend was busy.  i had to work back to back with my dreaded cold but was very fortunate to have been sent home early both days.  friday, we headed to the library for story time.  moses is finally at the age where he is captivated by the stories and songs enough that he doesn't go running for the computer.  he will now wait til the end, get his stamp, show me his stamp, and then run to play computer games.  chloe is becoming less interested in the songs and is more distracted and wanting to run around... to the computers.  they are the child sized ones on child sized desks with child sized chairs and child sized keyboards and ... mice?  mouse? mouses?  meese?  i'm still awful at getting out of the house on time, so we have been driving into town.  FOR SHAME.  the plus side of taking the car is that the beach toys stay in the trunk and the kids love to use them at the park.

i wasn't able to get a picnic together for them.  i was really just trying to make it on time for story time.  i grabbed a few mandarins and an Arizona green tea at Thrifty's on the way to the park.  luckily i had some leftover dried fruit from the day before stashed in my purse.  i've been going overboard on groceries lately, and really didn't want to buy more...  i'm so happy the weather is warming up.  it feel so good to get out of the house and feel the sun's warmth bring me back to life.

Moses' TOMS still a little big on Chloe

my mom visited for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  as usual she stood at the front entrance sheepishly waiting with bags and bags full of stuff that ended up going back home with her.  and as usual, i was the bad guy for rejecting all the junky stuff that i consciously try to keep out of our diet.

it was a crappy day for eating.  i wasn't a very good mom, being over tired and fighting my cold.  the kids were cranky and hungry so i took them outside in the evening while kevin got dinner together.

initially moses was on his trike and chloe was riding the firetruck, but they were both happy to trade...

we finished dinner a little early and hurriedly dashed to make it out to costco 45 minutes before they closed.  they both "melted" the entire ride home, probably feeling the oncoming of my cold.  bedtime routine and clean up was followed by quilling at 11pm.   it was Mireya's 1st birthday party the following day which i sadly had to miss.  

humble beginnings

kevin is the quilling master.  i am the designer, he is the labourer.

we didn't finish until just before 3am.  not bad.  
4 hours seems to be consistent for these spontaneous quilling sessions...

see the pauhaus for the finished piece!

Left to Right: Kevin, Phanie, Moses, and Chloe!

sunday was my 830-5pm shift but they let me off at 3:45pm!  i did a big shop and we had TACOS!  trying to keep the meat down, i will only buy it when it is on sale, sticking to the Diamond Willow organic beef and the Alex Campbell chicken that has no antibiotics and animal by-products.  i don't have what it takes to go full vegetarian, so these are the rules i apply for eating meat.

i swapped the taco shells for endives.  they are the perfect shape, they have the perfect crunch, they are not a choking hazard for the kids, and they are healthier by far.  chloe still has a hard time chewing greens, but at least she was game to try them a few times before giving up!

Endives, julienned carrots, shredded cheese, salsa verde

i'm all but over this cold, but the kids ended up getting it.  they seem to be just over the word and coming down but still suffering from a lot of congestion and snot throat.  moses had a coughing fit this morning, a little before we got out of bed.

Finally bought chloe a little doggie of her own at IKEA

michelle (ethan's mom) scored an invitation to the new IKEA's soft opening saturday night.  it is enormous.  everything is so spacious and well laid out.  the cafeteria goes for miles with a lounge section with couches and low tables, a "cafeteria" style section, a barstools section, and an expansive section of child tables and chairs!  it was PACKED, we were in the food line up for a half hour, but at least we had catalogs to browse through and employees walked around with trays of cookies and chocolate!

i saw this recipe in one of the many "Simple" magazines by Martha Stewart.  it was a whole section on different ways to do eggs.  originally the eggs were supposed to be soft boiled and in those little cups that i don't have... plus the kids couldn't handle eating them that way anyway.  i also did not have shallots so i used onions.  while googling how to caramelize onions on my phone, i burned them.  HAHAHA.  they still tasted pretty good.  moses didn't mind them but chloe was not impressed.

it was worth the wait.  they are usually 2 for $7, they are currently on sale for $2 a bunch, hooray!

having worked both days, i expected the house to go to hell.  i was so thrilled that kevin managed to keep his cool and have a fairly enjoyable weekend with the kids without too much stress, i didn't mind having to battle the towers of dishes this morning.  

we headed out to "the school park" where we did that nature walk.  i wanted to check out the path again and revisit the space i found that looked like a great place to host moses' birthday party.  my only worry being THE WEATHER...  god, i hate having to make plan b's.

ironically, we ran into the same lady we saw last time with her dog, Farley.  she was there with her camera and its 24 inch lens, watching the mother owl and its two week-old babies she discovered from her many visits to the park.  she pointed them out to me.  the two bumps you see are the two babies on the left, and the mom on the right.  apparently they will start learning to fly in the next few days so we may be coming back to visit!

we arrived at lunch time, so all the kids were running rampant on their break.  once the bell had run, we headed over to the park to snack and play.

Moses Photo


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