cheers to health!

i can has nice sometimes
i'm trying to change up my schedule to blogging in the afternoon, so that i am not plugging away here at the wee hours of the next day.  in some ways i would rather try to get the majority of posts completed in the afternoon and use the late hours for cleaning and possibly proof reading.  i'm hoping this change-up makes posts a little less painful to read.  well, that's assuming my brain is slightly more alert 12 hours earlier!

today has been a successful day in domestication.  once the kids were in bed last night, kevin baked a batch of Gluten-free Carrot-Ginger-Cranberry muffins.  they turned out perfect.  the ginger and carrot balanced one another out, and the cranberries added moisture, texture and sweetness.  it was the perfect start to our morning.  i gave the kids their morning banana before popping out these yummy surprise muffins.

moses is a drama clown
with the first few bites, he closed his eyes and ever so slowly and ever so gently
nodded his head back and forth saying "MMmmMmmMmmmMMMmmm"

my plan worked!
the muffins kept them busy while i sat and squeezed oranges

the bags of organic oranges are BOGO this week.  score.

i topped the juice up with a water so there would be more to go around

the kids played outside  
i cleaned up the breakfast mess 
just in time to make lunch time mess!

pre lunch smoothie inspired by Joythebaker's Spinach Smoothie

1 ripe banana (frozen bananas are best in smoothies)
1 big heaping cup clean spinach leaves
1 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon amazing grass green powder
1 cup cold almond milk
Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

i didn't have an entire banana (i had a few bites of the last banana at breakfast) so i chopped up a pear, hoping it would work out.  i also don't know what "grass green powder" is so it didn't go in

once the spinach was fully blended in, i popped off the lid and anxiously took a first taste.
i have been wanting to make this smoothie for a long time after becoming obsessed with Joy's cucumber smoothies. verdict:
sweet heavenly health!

moses refused at first, but once he got a little on his tongue his face lit up and he was bouncing up and down for me to hurry up and fill up his glass.  

this smoothie is definitely here to stay

moses stacked them for me

Cauliflower Mac'n'Cheese with Carrot Fries!

i think this must have been the healthiest day in a long time.  carrots in the muffins,  freshly squeezed organic orange juice, spinach-banana-pear smoothie, grapes snack, and cauliflower and carrots for lunch? i'm on a roll here!  

Step 1
preheat the oven to 400 and began chopping up the carrots.  mix the carrots in a bowl or plastic bag with olive oil, vinegar, cumin powder, honey or agave, and salt and pepper and throw them in the oven for 15 minutes.

Step 2
start up your pasta!  massacre 1/3 to a 1/2 a cauliflower into small pieces.  shred your cheese(s).  when your pasta is ready drain it in a colander over a bowl.  pour the already heated water back into the pot and throw in your cauliflower for a few minutes to soften.  drain and add cauliflower to pasta.  mix it up!  

Step 3 
Pour cauliflower-pasta into an oven safe receptacle.  Add cheese(s) and breadcrumbs.  i usually make my own breadcrumbs with the heels of bread for these mac and cheese days.  

Step 4
Your fries should have beeped to be flipped!  Flip the fries over, and have your mac and cheese join the fries in the oven for 10 minutes.

Step 5
make the dip/sauce.  mayo, mustard, honey is my simple go to.  

this isn't a real recipe.  it's just what i ended up doing.  i was surprised how good everything ended up tasting together.  they actually complemented each other extremely well!  oh, how the joys of learning how to cook are felt tenfold when the cook has lowered expectations!


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