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seriously need this on my wall

this cold is still ailing me but once again, after much trudging around the home today, i made it into work and somehow just made it to the end without flipping out at the customers running back to pick up "ONE MORE THING" at 10:05PM.  my body is aching and i am really dreading having to work saturday AND sunday this weekend with this cold.  STUPID ME.  never ever ever take someone's shift without checking your own schedule first, even if you DON'T think you have anything going on...

we stayed at home all day.  cook, eat, clean, clean, clean, cook, eat clean, clean, clean, clean, rest for 10 minutes, clean clean, get ready for work.  so i promised taryn i would start doing posts with photos of what the house looks like to cheer up some of the other mom's that can't seem to keep their homes intact for more than 10 minutes.

1. Random clothes on floor (bottom right)
2. Various toys all over floor, some belong in room, others do not
3. Unseen diaper still on the dresser from last night
4. Both beds unmade.  they pretty much never get made because chloe constantly pulls her blankets out from between the crib bars and moses will often climb up and jump around in his bed at random times throughout the day

the house did not look like this when i first crawled out of bed.  the mess starts multiplying while i am making breakfast and continues again after breakfast.  it is a constant struggle.  there are the initial priorities on the TO DO list, but i am forever being distracted by the "mess in motion", and start picking up the new mess instead of focusing on the old mess.  and there is mess e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  i am often overwhelmed and just as i begin doing one thing, i stop to do another, and this pattern repeats until i feel like ripping my hair out of my head.

1. Toys on floor and couches
2. Laundry basket full of odds and ends to be organized and put away
3. Kitchen and floor still waiting to be cleaned (this will not have happened for another 4 hours)
1.  As much as i love the white dresser that hides everything that would normally
spread all over the table and counter, it also gets its fair share of crap that hangs out on top
2. Typewriter and paper cutter still out from the previous day or two
3.  Hat on floor

1.  Stack of chairs from Spring Cleaning (have not moved for 5 days)
2. Crap all over front counter
3. Hoodie on chair
4. Another hat on the floor
5. Bowl on floor
6. Remains of breakfast prep  on back counter 

1. Dishes to put away
2. Piles of magazines and "important paper" scattered
3. Brushing items left from the night before
4. Leftover avocado

another photo by Moses xoxoxoxox

this girl makes me want to scream, i am so in love with her

for lunch, i did a variation of the eggplant curry from the meatballs recipe.  instead of using eggplant, i iused 3 tomatoes and a carrot.  instead of 3 tablespoons of curry, i used 1 of curry and 2 of tomato paste.  so it was like a tomato soup.  clearly, someone enjoyed it.

i believe i was on the computer before i came out to find chloe had accessed
the pantry, pulled out a Betty Crocker cake mix and an unopened Almond Breeze,
removed the inside cake mix from the box, and presumably was planning to make herself
a cake in that tiny little plastic cup...

sigh.  so as much as i love the patio being my babysitter...  moses has expanded his digging empire beyond the walls of the garden planter, and ALL OVER THE PATIO.  

i'm telling you, i did not enjoy sweeping the mounds of dirt back into the planter

work was brutal.  it was raining miserably which seemed to be keeping everyone at home, making the hours very long and uneventful.  i talked to my sister during my break, and she said she got to video chat with the kids.  she was taking care of a little dog and apparently Moses decided to name it Bummy.  he has been engaging in a lot silly behaviour where he makes up words and is way into slapstick humour.  for example, he was closing the sliding door and his boot got caught.  this was very funny to him, he kept giggling and telling me about it.  i'm enjoying his little sense of humour develop.

on this topic.  i should get these updates out since i've had this mini list since march 28...

1. "Probably we can go to Ethan's house?" lots of "probably we can..."s

2. i've managed to normalize cleaning up his toys before he can have his movie time.  he does however ask me if he can keep certain toys out, like if he has built a train track or want to have a few trucks on the couch with him to play with while he watches.

3. Potty training.  he is still on and off "scared" of the dark.  although, sometimes i wonder if he just wants attention.  sometimes he'll go no problem in the dark, sometimes he'll turn on the light, and other times he'll just "melt" and cry for me to turn on the light.

he hasn't had an accident (knock on wood) for a long time.  he's been holding his pee for longer periods of time.  he'll tell me he has to go when we are out, and i'll forget and we'll drive all the way home and he will still be dry.

we attempted underwear at night which didn't go over well, so it's back to nighttime diapers.  it has been very good.  he has had consecutive days where he is dry the next day and he celebrates this feat by very excitedly announcing it to me that he did not pee in his diaper.  he freaked out one of the nights he peed in his underwear, and i guess because he isn't used to the moisture anymore, he ended up having a rash all over his little butt for a day.

4. manners continue to be exceptional.  honestly, i think it is because whenever he does something bad, i say "excuse me, moses!" so even when he is upset, he will still say excuse me.

5.  we found MIGHTY MACHINES on Netflix.  it was like wining a mini lottery.  if you have a little boy that loves trucks/trains/cars/planes/buses/etc... find Might Machines on Netflix.  they are educational but fun videos that explain what all these vehicles do.  moses' favourite is the train one, though he also really enjoyed the one where they crush the old cars into pancakes.

having grown tired of watching the same things over and over, i put on Megamind for him today and he actually sat through 80% of the entire movie.  i was surprised, especially since it is a NEW movie.  i love Megamind.  i love Will Ferrel.

6.  though he hasn't been watching WordWorld for a while, he occasionally sits here on the computer to play games at knowledgekids.ca.  he is really into the memory cards game, the fish matching game, and the inukshuk game.   the fish matching is a game where they tell you what size and colour fish they are looking for.  they start off with three different coloured fish or different shaped fish and as it gets more difficult, they add multiple fish of the same colour but different size.  the inukshuk game is awesome because they build and inukshuk and you have copy it.  they give you the pieces that you have to click and move to recreate the tower of blocks.  in the difficult levels, the blocks might be rotated so you have to recognize the shape turned on its side, rotate it, and then place it in the appropriate spot.

7.  reading and spelling continues to progress.  he will randomly announce the letter that a word begins with.  most of the time, he is bang on.  my mother in law continues to play games with him at starfall.com during our saturday night dinners.  he is able to do small words like go, up, dog, cat, and has memorized how to spell Moses and Mama.  he is enjoying stories with lengthier story lines.  

excerpt dec 31 2010 (19 months)
6. has taken an independent interest in learning letters and numbers!  SO STOKED ON THIS since i have been feeling neglectful in trying to peak his interests.  i think i have to thank kev's mom for the educational games he plays on her computer with her.  currently hee knows M O P X W 8 9/6.  he thinks E is an M sideways.  next letters he seems to be interested in are R and U.  he will point to these letters when he sees them in books and starts yelling M wheenver we pass a McDonald's LOL 

8.  when moses has a meltdown, we do not directly tell him to stop melting down.  i believe the only time he hears the term "meltdown" is when we are talking about them to other people.  he has caught on, but he uses the word in his own terms.  he says that he is "melting" or that he is "going to melt".  it cracks me up.

9.  the sibling rivalry is ongoing.  it is natural.  sometimes he doesn't like her.  and other times, he really surprises me with how sweet and thoughtful his actions are.  while he was cleaning up the living room today, he found her bear and snuck into her room where she was napping to give it to her.  sometimes when he is feeling sad or upset, he requests that chloe rub his head and it is the cutest thing in the world seeing her comfort this big cry baby.

10.  april 2nd - he would not stop saying "totally, totally" all day long.  we haven't heard it since.

11.  april 11, he was getting in trouble for running into chloe with his big excavator on the patio.  and he did it immediately after i told him to be careful not to.  i raced out the sliding door, he dove under the table, i scooped him up and planted him on his bed and went back to check on chloe.  i returned to his room, and very seriously asked him:

"why did you run into chloe with your big car?"

"actually, that's not a car, that's an excavator"

yes.  i managed not to laugh.  not just because he had the guts to say this to me while he was getting in trouble, as if it mattered whether it was a car or excavator... but because it just confirmed that he is his father's son.  for the rest of my life kevin and moses will forever be correcting me "ACTUALLY, it's such and such..."  FANTASTIC.

12.  he has been undressing himself!  he has mostly mastered removing his shirt unless it is a little more snug.  he is very proud of this.  we are working on the dressing situation.  so far, he's got the pants and undies though they are sometimes backwards.  the shirts are ok once i pop his head through.  socks are hit and miss and i still have to help him with shoes.

13.  he is able to climb into his carseat WITHOUT PUTTING HIS FEET ON THE SEAT!!!!!!  this is something i am so thrilled about because it means i no longer have to lift him in!  sometimes when his shoes were dirty from playing in the dirt or wet from puddles, i would have to lift him because the only way he could climb in himself was to climb up with his feet and then turn around to sit.  MILESTONE!

14.  he is becoming a lot more aware of his emotions.  when i go to get chloe, he is 80% of the time upset and will tell me that he is sad or upset.  he is also aware of the emotions others are feeling.  i have been increasingly frustrated with being late and he has begun to ask me why or if i am angry.  i have started trying to tone it down and keep my emotions in check.

1.  signing and language is progressing very well.  much faster than moses... if i remember correctly which is 50/50.  she signs for eating and drinking.  drinking is especially cute because the way she positions her hand looks like she is holding a tiny teacup and she twists here wrist back and forth so that it looks like she is sipping tea!  *barf* so cute.  she waves hello/goodbye, blows kisses, and pats her head when she wants a hat or has hurt her head.  she pats her diaper to let me know she has peed/pood, but doesn't always let me change her.  she nods and shakes which makes communication very easy since she pretty much seems to understand everything that i ask.  SHE RUBS NOSES (if she feels like it).  she also understands the term "rub noses".  she will hug and kiss when she has hurt moses and i tell her she needs to say sorry to him.

she is a lot less conservative when it comes to trying new words whereas moses would not say it until he was very confident.  chloe says MOMO now!!!!!  which melts all our hearts, including the little monster himself.  she says UP, night night, APP (apple), BA (banana), MOH (more), Llll (Lola), DA (thank you)m NO (nose), AH (eye), MA (mouth) and blows raspberries for and when playing with cars.

 honestly, we are communicating just fine at this point!  why need to talk more?  i have a feeling she is never ever ever going to shut up once she starts talking.

2.  CLOTHES.  this girl is SO particular.  i don't even T RY to put her in anything without asking because it will result it TEMPER TANTRUM.  she's fairly easy to dress, knowing that as long as it has butterflies or cats on it, she will be game.  she is less particular about her pants and socks, her focus being on her shirts, jackets, and shoes.  hmmm... sounds familiar...  i think i mentioned this in a prior post, but if i put shoes on her and she changes her mind, she will sit on the floor with the shoes she wants and not move until i change her.

she has a light cotton butterfly hoodie and sometimes when she wants to wear it i have to very patiently and very kindly explain to her that she can wear it but we have to put on another shirt first.  if i do not do this, she will get really pissed off.  sometimes she thinks i'm bullshitting her as i put on her shirt first and she'll start freaking out until i explain again that she can wear it on top of her shirt.  she then simmers down.

3.  TEMPER TEMPER shame on you!  this girl's temper terrifies me.  it terrifies me like all the classic Disney female villains put together.  she just loses it.  they don't last long, but she likes to put on a show.  ilike the clothes situation, i often have to explain to her what i am going to do before doing it so that she doesn't get the wrong idea and freak out on me, like when i have to fix something for her.  she will think i'm trying to take it away and flip out.  once i fix it and give it back to her, SHE WILL THROW IT ON THE FLOOR MULTIPLE TIMES, until she finally calms down, at which point she takes it and pretends like i'm the crazy one.


4.  started climbing into the stroller and up into her high chair last week.

5. this girl loves to dance.  i am aware that this might just be a stage, but she dances a lot more than moses, has more moves than moses ever did, and does it more often.  she likes to do what looks like the mashed potato.  she does a squatted booty shake.  sometimes it's just her shoulders.  sometimes her head is bopping.  sometimes it's just her feet dancing back and forth.  she loves it.  we occasionally have music playing during mealtimes, and she will spontaneously break into dance at the table.  similarly, she busts out little moves in the car, or as it happened last week, i was tapping beats on my leg only to hear little taps from the backseat as she was copying me.  *BARF*

6.  she doesn't always like to be a monkey.  she will shake her head if she doesn't want to show people any of her impressive baby moves or words.

7.  also, i need to upload the last few videos.  one of my favourite things for a while now is how she so easily understand the concept of "pretend eating" with the play food.  i am in love with the sound of her little mouth going "pa-pa-pa" when she pretends to eat.  i also love when she does it as she offers food to me to eat.

8.  her skin is not improving.  it is frustrating.  and it makes me sad because already at 15 months, she knows that she has a skin problem.  she knows where the tough ones are, the ones that never seem to go away.  she points to them and motions for cream.  and every time i massage the cream into all the little patches on her arms, legs, belly, chest, back, i think about how i prayed she would just be happy a baby when she was born.  and i wonder if it's my fault.  i know it's ridiculous, but sometimes moms are ridiculous.

9.  she eats and eats and eats.

10.  my number one pet peeve with this girl is that she is constantly spilling her drinks on the floor or on herself.  sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.  but CONSTANTLY SPILLING!!!!

11.  also, i think she enjoys taking pictures with me.  today she brought me the camera (which initially freaked me out for fear that she would drop it) and then sat on my lap to take a photo.


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