don't be a stranger

i see the stats of readers, though i can only put a few faces to the numbers.  we are all creeps.  most of us creep gently with good intentions.  i post these to my Facebook fully aware of every person i have on my friends list.  i post these fully aware that friends of these friends follow...

Hey Steph,

I occasionaly read your mosesmosesmoses blog. When I do, I enjoy looking through your children's photos--they are seriously SO adorable--and reading about your adventures. I've been wanting to send a message like this for a while now but I've been hesitant because 1. what do I know, I'm not a mom and 2. it might seem creepy/stalkery :P

Anyway, I just read your most recent so-called "emo" entry :) I just wanted to let you know how brave and strong I think you are. I can only imagine how frustrating and exhausting it must be to be constantly on-the-go, tired, and sleep deprived while raising two kids. I myself am holding off on having kids because I keep worrying my mom issues will cause me to mess my kids up >_< And here you are raising two beautiful kids--it is inspiring :) I can tell that despite your frustrations, you only want the best for your kids and, most importantly, you love them to bits. You ARE a great mom!

I hope that when you're having an especially challenging day, you'll remember or know that there's another person out there who is cheering you on :)

Take care,
B  :)

occasionally, closer friends send me private messages in response to certain posts that strike a chord with them.  rarely, do i get messages like the one above, but when i do, it really warms me up.  i've seen other blogs, some that portray their family life as picture perfect.  i have wondered on and off whether i should be trying to hit that angle, but i know that even if i tried, it just wouldn't last long.  first, because it just isn't my style to be anything other than brutally honest and open.  second, because i want to be a comfort to those in need of a reality dose in a world where Betty Draper looks like a Victoria Secret model who just got her wings after having three kids.

i'm thankful that my blog is able to resonate with readers, whether they know me personally or otherwise. please, do not be afraid to follow me publicly or to post your comments!  it makes blogging all the more enjoyable when i can put faces to the numbers and connect with others!  

don't leave me hanging...


  1. I recently was directed to your blog by the lovely Mrs. Taryn Langemann as we have been (pleasantly) surprised by a new addition to our family. Our daughter will be 16 months when the new babe comes along. She mentioned that you experienced a similar surprise so I've been poring back through your blog and have to tell you, I've fallen pretty madly in love. I love your honesty and the photos of your family and your daily life are mesmerizing. :)

    Thanks for keeping it up! I'm sure I'll pop up in the comments from time to time.


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