the easter bunny has left the building

i am a drone.
i wake up every morning feeling like my face is being smashed with a meat tenderizer.
i promise myself every night that i will go to sleep.
i read other blogs/interviews about other moms who sleep at 4am but wake up to go for a run at 6am.
i ask myself if i am willing to do that to get ahead.
i tell myself, i don't want to take 20 years off of my life.

so here is the joke.  i repeatedly posted how my sunday shift was a glorious 1030am-330pm.  HA!  i got a call at 8:35am from work telling me i worked 830-5pm.  mega balls.  oh well.  in some ways, i was happy it happened that way.  it allowed me to not stress the first two days, and having to get to work ASAP gave me zero time to moan and groan about it.  the day went fast, the majority of customers just picking up last minute things here and there for their easter dinner.

the kids enjoyed their morning treats in their little egg nests.  i think we all really enjoyed the process of collecting and making these nests, it will definitely be an ongoing activity for us!

kevin took a few snapshots while i hurriedly readied myself

these marshmallow bunnies were so frigging delicious

on the walk up to my work (to pick up the car) moses apparently was fighting the bushes

they headed over to Andie's house for a little while before nap time

we went for a mini evening walk to the park in our complex before bedtime

making mountains

smelling cherry blossoms
( eyes closed of course )

chloe doing an impression of a serious person being silly

the second one does not get the same appreciation and praise as the first child.  she's been climbing and going down slides on her own for a while now.  i can't even say how long so i am going to say a few months.  she loves it, clearly.

thank you kevin for documenting my existence

this looks like a self-portrait

this reminds me of being in art school

kevin wanged his forehead the other night while cleaning our bedroom
also, note how obvious it is that moses has kevin's eyebrows

"what big eyebrows you have, moses!"
"the better to express myself with!"

i have to post photos of myself.  
i have spent a long time hiding these past couple of years.  
i haven't felt this great about myself in a long time.

pumpkin face

kevin was back to work monday.  we had fantastic weather the entire weekend, and monday was no exception.  i had no plans and rang up taryn for a possible playdate.  at first we agreed to reschedule so they could head to Science World, but she called back saying she was up for an adventure and would sky train and bus all the way from east east van to tsawwassen!  i kept expecting a text saying she was chickening out, but as i grabbed groceries from work, i received a text saying "elvis has left the building!"

the patio officially opened for Spring/Summer!  moses kindly brought out the little chairs for he and coco to sit down on and eat some grapes.  he is feeding her grapes in this photo despite looking like he is smothering her...

after two hours, and Armenie shitting and Hanu falling asleep during the last ten minutes, with a bus driver who didn't announce the stop or expecting Taryn to carry two children and a stroller down the steps, the Langemann's arrived.

is this not the most beautiful baby you have ever seen in your life?

moses and hanna found the babiest ladybug!


bedroom shenanigans

this photo reminds me of how my parents met kevin 

moses had a timeout which is why his cheeks are so pink.
he made me a sandwich while he calmed down.  as i stroked his matted hair, i unintentionally was styling his mop into the most gorgeous little rockabilly quiff.

this child is the spitting image of his father

Syx joined us and brought the parent vs toddler numbers to an even match

this was the first time i arranged a toddler table!!!!!!!


hope everyone had a fabulous easter weekend


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