fantastic finds

conscious collection

coral flats 
(with toe cleavage!)

thrift shop jackpot

vintage puzzle

the best thing about thrift store shopping is when you find something you absolutely love or that you have been reminiscing about or that you are on the hunt for.  i was reminiscing about these shape puzzles just TWO weeks ago!  i couldn't not believe they just fell from the sky and into my lap for $1

vintage sandals for baby Armenie

there are so many things you find that just leech onto your emotions, fuelling your urge to re-encapsulate the joy acquainted with your childhood.  these little sandals were just that.  they were in mint condition and still had the old school SEARS label on the them.  

at first, it was difficult getting back into the habit of thrift shopping, since it a considerable commitment to habitually check for restock.  things do not last long so you've got to get there first and decide quickly, and even then, sometimes when you prepay for something, people will snatch it when you turn your back.  vultures.

50 cents

it is great to find really sweet things you can connect with emotionally, but it is just as great when you find  little things like these decorative craft rolls for cheaps.  you never know what you will find, so you always have to check everything!  sometimes people misplace things or change their minds, it's like a scavenger hunt, check every shelf and box!


i've been looking around for a jumper for chloe for the past month or so.  
again, it just fell into my lap!

25 cent
mason jars for Taryn

it was the plastic animals buffet at the kids shelves!  they had bags and bags of different animal groups, but i only took select ones from each bag.  unfortunately they do not give you discounts when you do this nor do they allow you to create your own bag, so i paid the full price and just left the unwanted ones for them to resell.

amphibians with a turtle


brand spanking new Schleich doggie figurine with tags!

it was the only dog in the bag i wanted but i didn't care because these are usually at least $4 to buy them new depending on their size.  can't wait to give it to chloe!  i was thinking of saving it until after we go to LA to visit my sister because she has two dogs like this little guy.  it would be perfect as a sort of memento of the dogs once we leave.    


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