farewell wifey!

taryn and the langemann gang are bidding us beautiful british columbians farewell for an tormenting 6 weeks!  we arrived early afternoon to help tidy up for the guests that would arrive in the evening, but she had already done a pretty damn good job.  we spent the afternoon enjoying one another's company while the kids busied themselves in the backyard and in the girls' room with all the toys.  

chloe had her first box of Sunmaid Raisins

i make a point of mentioning this because when i was really young, i saw a striking resemblance between the sun maid on the box and my mother.  in a quasi twisted way, my young brain imagined it actually was my mother.  i paid homage to this memory in my first screen printing class at Kwantlen College.  if only i could find those prints, i fear i may have actually thrown them all out!  time to raid my mom's house...

awesome cat

awesome cat rocking my awesome cat glasses
(Monroe by Elizabeth and James)

i made two sets of stamps for hanna's birthday
we will be missing her birthday
and she will be miss mom's birthday

armenie aka floor baby

at first, it seems like a sad thing to put a baby on the floor, but when you think about it, it is the safest place because they will not roll off and fall ONTO the floor.  they are not stuck in a seat, and even if their movement is minimal, at least they do not feel trapped.  she is always so pleasant, chill, and happy to be a part of this world.  probably because she is so beautiful she knows everyone is in love with her...

domestic goddess at work

kids eat first in "treehouse"

damn lucky kids!
who gets to eat  delicious noms, in cute colourful plastic bowls, in a treehouse?

koa, hanu, & momo

finally.  token beer photo.

chloe discovers mango fresh off the bbq

sorry, i really couldn't choose between any of these
i found them all to be equally hilarious and telling of how much she loved it!

i've been eyeing the pomegranate & elderflower flavour at work ever since tried the ginger & lemongrass mix at christmas. 

 taryn mixed it with a bit of vodka and threw in some mint leaves.  
with a side of grilled mangoes, it was simply sublime!

top: heavenly home-made gluten-free naan bread
centre: pan roasted kale with coconut oil, lemon & garlic
bottom: vegetable curry & brown rice

(promise to get naan recipe!)

chloe: "DAW!!!!"

wifeys xoxoxox

believe it or not, he was not stretching but dancing

kevin and i took a quick trip a few blocks down to check out a potential car, a 63 Mercury Meteor.  kevin is not a fan of the Jetta as it taints his personal preference and reverence for classic cars.  i never get to ride in the Falcon.  we acquired it through his brother-in-law/mom two christmases ago when chloe was born, so that we wouldn't have to share the Jetta.  

kevin drives the Falcon to and from work and the Jetta takes over the rest of our trips since it hauls the carseats.  this was probably only my 3-4th time riding in the Falcon.

so.  a very funny thing happened...  we arrived on the street and kevin mentioned not remembering the house number.  as we were driving passed the car, we noticed it was parked immediately in front of a house we know.  the house is owned by the parents of our old friend Leanne who moved away to Germany shortly after we found out i was pregnant with moses.  when she moved out, a mutual friend, Danielle moved in with her husband and two year old son.  in fact, it was at this house where Danielle hosted my baby shower for Moses...

it was crazy but it made sense.  the car had to belong to the people living in that house.  kevin called, and we could hear the guy answer through the open front door.  what a coincidence.  these new renters were friends of Danielle & Andie.  of course they had great taste and of course they would have such a rad car!  and OF COURSE they had another outback...

so we took a ride

the swing hanging out front is the actual seat that Andie used
when he was washing windows all over the city before becoming a fireman

i can't even imagine the views this seat has seen...

back at the Langemann's, the evening drew closer, the kids seemed to mellow, and a few more guests had arrived to wish the family well.  

here, hanna is sharing raisins with Lulu.

it was the perfect day.  i had been looking forward to it all week and it was exactly what i wanted and exactly what i needed.  the kids had a wonderful time playing in the beautiful backyard, wandering freely in and out as they pleased.  i was in a euphoric fog, hanging out with one of my most favourite of mom friends.  she really does take the cake, my wifey!  

we arrived home, the kids fell asleep tout de suite, exhausted from a long day of fresh air and play.  kevin and i finished the rest of his gluten-free strawberry and rhubarb pie.  it was really the perfect day to start off the weekend!

thank you taryn and syx for such a wonderful evening!  we love you and we will miss you dearly while you are away!  have a safe and exciting trip, can't wait to see all the photos!


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