the imagination station

even Spiderman knows how we roll...
moses moses moses.  one of the best parts of having children is watching their minds grow and seeing what direction that growth is headed.  i was impressed with moses' imaginative ability to create something and then repurpose it in alternative ways.

a quasi-crane that lowered Mater

attaching it to the bottom and towing the tower along

adjusting the tow style to a horizontal position

i have been a huge fan of christine schmidt creator of the little old workshop
ever since i saw her first few stamp sets at the Regional Assembly of Text.  

her stamp set collection has since then exploded and continues to grow
including customized sets!

you know that feeling when you see something, an idea, so simple, and you think
why didn't i think of that??????
that's pretty much how i feel about everything she does
i also did a potato stamp beach blanket for moses' friend Soleil last year!

anyway, i decided to create my own little set of stamps for moses.

who knew my carving tool from 2002 would resurface 10 years later
to make a stamp set for my little boy!

the problem with carving is that you never quite know what to expect and it is very nerve racking to sit and patiently carve out images - trying not to cut yourself - in the hopes that the moment of truth will be a glorious achievement.  

TA DA!!!!!  the smoke turned out so well i was so pleased!  also... I DIDN'T SCREW UP THE TEXT!  i always end up forgetting to do the text backwards until it is unsalvageable!  not this time!

this morning i showed moses the stamps and the sample picture and i just lapped up his hilarious praise.   "awww, mommy i'm so PROUD OF YOU because you LOVE ME!"
totally cracked me up

we headed out to Grandview Corners in White Rock.  i had $10 off my next H&M purchase.  i grabbed another pair of the (brown) flats i have been wearing to death, in a lovely coral shade.  i found a cotton black and white striped long sleeve in the youth section for $7!  found an adorable dress shirt for moses to wear for his birthday and a Hello Kitty brush for chloe.  

bought these
144 biodegradable earth friendly straws for $8
we dropped by Chapters even though we should have headed home.  as usual, we were late getting out so we didn't leave Chapters until after 1pm and still had to drive 30 minutes and make lunch.  i had to.  i promised we could go to "the train store" if he was well behaved in H&M, and he was.  

i don't know why i couldn't just make them a 5 minute PBJ & banana sandwich when we got home.
i had it in my head to make these Tomato Egg Cups that i had seen possibly in the same magazine i saw the soft-boiled eggs with mushy peas on toast...  they were easy enough, but took longer than i liked, especially because the eggs were not cooked whatsoever!  ARGH.  i ended up throwing them into the microwave for fear of the three of us having food poisoning.  i'll have to try it again when i have more time to play around...

they both loved it anyway.  maybe they were starving, but i did make them those spinach smoothies again to tide them over until these were ready.  i also added a handful each of finely chopped spinach and mushrooms before throwing them in the oven.  we had two pieces of toast each to dip into our tomato bowls.  chloe mowed down everything, asking for more more more.  

moses initially did not like the tomato which was fair enough.  i remember not liking tomatoes as a child and i still feel a little iffy about them.  it was only once i ate some of the tomato WITH the toast that i noticed the tomato less overpowering.  once i convinced moses to try them together, he was on board and he miraculously finished all but a few scraps!  woo hoo!

le FIN

sigh.  another day.  i should go to sleep.  i never get to go to sleep.  even after finishing yesterday's post early, i ended up staying up so i could power through the stack of magazines and books from the library last week.  argh argh argh argh.  so so tired.  



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