life is a party


as the weekend closes its doors, i leave last week behind with many things to reflect upon.  i feel i have gained a refreshed perspective, i've restocked the gratitude, and a sense of peace has found a dwelling in my typically frantic mind.  like a pair of glasses, worn day to day, the surface is smudged, fogged over, and traces of film and residue build invisible homes, much like my perspective on life.  the busyness of running a house, a home, a school, and the never-ending list of HOW TO BE THE PERFECT MOM, WIFE  & WOMAN (YES! IN THAT ORDER!) (NO YOU MAY NOT EVER GET AROUND TO BEING A WOMAN MORE THAN ONCE A MONTH... UNLESS YOU COUNT MENSTRUATION!) easily and quickly clouds my vision.  the process is so gradual that in the messiness, the habitual tardiness, the GO!-GO!-GO!-ness, i don't realize for a few weeks that my perspective needs some TLC.  finding the time to regroup is a challenge in the midst of the craziness, it never dawns on me that i need to stop!

so, i am thankful for these days where i am able to get my emotional and mental states back to "normal".

i have a large circle of support.  there are a lot of people that really help me keep it together.  i return the favour as much as i can.  for some individuals, i wish i could move mountains.  their burdens humble me, and remind me to be thankful for the 99 problems i've got, because they are GREAT PROBLEMS.  perspective is a choice.  like the glasses, you can choose to have them rose tinted! ha! 

so on with life...

Thrifting has been great.  i'm getting back into the habit of just checking things out without any expectations.  this Miffy book was in the FREE box at the Thrift Shop!  it's been a challenge getting chloe into books in comparison to moses who has been into books and reading from day one.  she is definitely much more particular about what she likes and i just have to find those specific interests to engage her and earn her patience and attention.

some of you may recognize this mask.  my sister in law sewed up a luchador/wrestler costume for moses' birthday last year.  he hates wearing the mask, but chloe has been obsessed with it  (hmmm, i see a pattern here with this whole "dress up" thing... she also loves wearing that clown nose!)

she's such a goofy little monkey, she melts my heart

i can't tell you how much i love having a daughter
(i know i know, i won't be laughing in 12 years)

after a hustle bustle thursday morning, we booked it over to the Beach Grove Mini Park.  we haven't been there in ages since it is a little colder closer to the water.  it was late (as usual) so i ended up having to pack up a picnic lunch for us, knowing full well we'd never make it back in time for lunch before nap time.

i have allowed moses to start bringing along the shopping cart as it keeps him focused.  trips to the grocery store are typically aggravating at best as he runs up and down the aisles.  BUT with the mini shopping cart in tow, he actually makes sure to be close by so that he has responsibility over some of the groceries!

since he is walking more often than standing on the back of the stroller, it gives him something interesting to occupy his mind.  when he isn't busy racing it along the road, he picks up random sticks or plants.  and miraculously, he has yet to get tired of it and/or whine for me to carry it for him!  KNOCK ON WOOD

i almost forgot how moses used to turn around and stand up in the stroller
thanks, chloe, for the reminder... NOW PLEASE SIT DOWN!

i haven't used this quilt since chloe was a tiny baby 
kevin's mom gifted it at my baby shower
we used it as added padding for her teensy crib the first couple of months

sigh... and now she is toddling around eating everything in sight

this cloud is crazy

allowing moses to take photos more often

it's the little things that count.  i love doing this sort of thing for them.
now that he is older, he recognizes these little details and tells me
"THANK YOU mommy!  this is special!  you LOVE me!"

with the patio officially open for 2012, moses has been busy digging in the dividing
garden between us and neighbour cait.  we're hoping to throw "sandbox!" on his birthday list
i'm still trying to decide days to throw his birthday party 
i'm planning on setting up a photoshoot that shows every single car and truck that he owns
in hopes that people will understand when i say "NO MORE TOYS NO MORE CARS/TRUCKS!"

it was my mom's birthday yesterday 
lucky friday the 13th!

damn right she's lucky!  
moses lovingly serenaded "happy birthday" to her

we had a cozy little family dinner at White Spot

moses inhaled his ice cream

chloe ate and ate and ate and ate

and signed for MORE...

my mom took the kids over night.  kevin and i fought in the car for a few minutes and then didn't speak the rest of the way home.  our priorities are different.  i needed some freedom and he needed to work on the Mustang.  we came to the scary realization that we were supposed to renew our insurance 2 months ago, and we don't have two grand lounging in the bank.  yes, finishing the car so he can get paid and cover the insurance would definitely take precedence over getting hammered and dancing on the stage like a cage dancer...  i'll post a few photos when lindsay is done posting.

i wasn't sure if it was going to be worth heading out.  i got dolled up and felt great.  my mom senses had me packing a pair of flats, bottled water, and my own booze (complete with cucumber!) for pre drinking.  i arrived at lindsay's.  it would be the first time joining the crew in pre drinking at her place.  it was so great to knock back a few, relax, laugh, and let a my old self take a ride in the driver's seat.  i drank more than i had planned, but i didn't get sick.  the music was OMG! I LOVE THIS SONG! after OMG! I LOVE THIS SONG!, my legs and feet stopped feeling the burn, and dancing with this old crew brought back so many memories i have been missing for so long.  i felt great about myself even without all the unexpected compliments and kind things people had to say to me, but it was so nice to hear such lovely things.  

thanks to everyone for a wonderful time!  and to bronwen for driving me back to my car and chilling out until i was ok to drive back home (with a McDick's pitstop of course...)

i shamefully did not have time nor was able to come up with an idea to make a card for my mom for friday's dinner.  of course, i came up with this at 11:10am, when we should have been heading out the door!  WHY WHY WHY WHY.  i turned out pretty good.  i need to find an alternative to glue guns because it was melting the backside and showing through the front.

we headed back into richmond and had dim sum at Sun Sui Wah with a few of my dad's family.

black sesame dessert balls

the 3 stooges

kevin, chloe and my gong gong

i love these earrings
you need to BE there to see all the amazing jewellery they have.  you have to go often because it is forever changing and once it is gone, it's gone!  

momz 4 lyfe

chloe napped (eventually... she has been less willing these days but at least isn't crying and screaming herself hoarse like SOMEBODY used to do...)  still feeling hungover, i didn't do much during nap time.  i ended up spending a good lot of time with moses.  we had a little picnic on ANOTHER baby shower quilt that hasn't seen the light of day in ages.  this quilt was put together by Renee.  we used to have a Stitch & Bitch night where everyone would pick a theme, and the girls would all get a quilt square and embroider/sew whatever they wanted, accordingly.  moses' quilt theme was monsters!

it was really heartwarming to lay this out and be able to explain to him and have him actually understand how special it was for the both of us.  he happily admired each monster as i told him the names of the creators that so lovingly contributed to the quilt, even before he was born.

by yours truly  :)

i climbed into chloe's crib to wake her up for dinner at the in-laws.  i snuggled her little face and arms and belly until she was sufficiently roused.  kevin joined us and now i have these lovely photos to share with you.  i don't ever want her to grow out of this crib.  these days are flying by...


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