the louse

this video comes at a really excellent time.  i've seen it numerous times in the past, as i am sure many of you have.  if not, prepare yourself for a healthy dose of positive energy and inspiration!

it's almost 6pm.  i have been a functioning human being for about 2 hours now.  i woke up this morning and did not know what hit me.  admittedly, it felt like the bus from Speed, (yes, i'm 'referring to 1994's hilarious action film starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) or one of them trains out of a Bond movie.  i spent the day neglecting my children, providing them with only the most basic of needs, passing out on the couch, the floor (living room and bedrooms), the wall and eventually the bed.

my head, my eyes, my entire body felt devoid of life.  caela would not be coming out for a visit due to some minor food poisoning.  cait also had previous engagement.  and saara was as usual fighting her never ending battle against the satan himself.  i had nobody to mind the kids for the in between time and i had not yet ironed/steamed my uniform which added to my stress.  needless to say, it was a banana-yogurt-frozen blueberries breakfast and a late 1pm lunch of grilled cheese.  chloe went for her nap shortly after, and it was then that i left moses with Kung Fu Panda 2 while i passed out on my bed.

he snuck into my room, into my closet, and stealthily found and played with the forbidden racetrack.  he also was smart enough to close my door to help cover up any sounds of AWESOMENESS that he would be making while enjoying his "freedom".

at around 3pm, i laid around contemplating work.  i contemplated a long time.  giving myself excuses and lecturing me over my excuses.  i called in sick.  they said the other mom sam already called in sick and there was nobody to close.  jen was kind enough to find someone to cover for me and that call sent rainbows and sunshine shooting out of my eyes, i seriously had tears in my eyes feeling so relieved.

i'm 100% positive this all was a ploy on my body's side to get me to bloody relax.  i've been pushing and pushing myself, bullying myself more than usual and feeling alone in my attempts to make this house a home.  i've had a lot of resentment towards kevin in terms of helping out around the house and it has built up a lot.  we've only just begun to discuss it, as i had gone the usual female route of just expecting him to know what i am thinking and feeling.

anyway.  i was able to vent later and finally feeling better, we headed out to IKEA after dinner.  i didn't realize they were emptying out so we were left with a few scattered items on the lower floor, half of which were slightly reduced in price.  it was good to get the hell out of the house after feeling so lousy.  i even managed to put on a decent face to bring you photos of yet another addition to my "NEW ME" collection; however, you will have to wait until tomorrow since kevin forgot my purse on the shopping cart and it was 15 minutes to closing by the time we arrived home!


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