Lynn Valley Optometry Photoshoot

don't you just love friends with benefits!  NO, not those kinds of benefits although, each to their own.  back in november, michelle (ethan's mom) arranged a little barter and trade between us and Lynn Valley Optometry, one of the clinics she works with.  check out their page, SERIOUSLY! 

hilarious hipster princesses
i'm impressed with their ability to keep their posts regular, tasteful, current and intriguing.  from health stats and info for your eyes, to frame fashion trends and videos on how contact lenses or the featherweight titanium frames are made.  TRY IT YOU MIGHT LIKE IT!

ANYWAY michelle had seen our first wedding anniversary photoshoot on my Facebook, and recommended us to participate in a photoshoot for the clinic.  (haven't accessed the full collection in years, and just got super emo going through all the ones i didn't post on my Facebook waaaah)

the showroom for the Fairmont Pacific Rim before it was built
(same hotel where i hosted Ainge's birthday last month)

zero fat

my gorgeous hair!

no wonder this was moses' conception day...

 back to REAL LIFE... they had plans to display a few photos of "real people" in eyewear and i guess we were representing families. REPRESENT YO!  in exchange for the fun photoshoot, we were given free eye exams that usually cost enough to keep middle-class families procrastinating.  needless to say, i was thrilled to have the free check up especially for the kids!  three months later, we were called in and these are my picks from the collection!  OH TIMES HOW YOU HAVE CHANGED!  how would we know that our lives were about to take a 360!

hee hee baby glasses!

we probably need to have this one printed and framed

*squeal* little moccasins!!!!

who is this child?


  1. I may be wrong but aren't eye Exams for kids free through msp anyways?

    Either way these photos are amazing! Your family is un-fairly good looking and photogenic!

    I lol'd at it being Moses's conception date!

  2. yeah i'm pretty sure they are free anyway! but they are one of 10-15 clinics in canada that happen to have this new technology where they were able to take a photo of your eye and immediately have it pop up on their computer to show your eyes' state of health as well as what they look for in terms of finding diseases that your family doctor might not be able to diagnose.


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