Major Tom Turns ONE!

we had another well-deserved late and lazy morning.  kevin made breakfast, infusing our steel cut oats with some earl grey tea and topping it with sliced pear.  i was too groggy to take photos.

with one hour left to spare, i had to get a car and button together.  kevin ran out with the kids in an attempt to tire them out for the hour long ride to Abbostford.  meanwhile, in the middle of scrambling between card and button, i also realized that we had not yet wrapped the gifts.  balls.  

admittedly, i was very impressed with my brain's ability to pull this cute idea out of my ass.  i cut up a bunch of the branches from our cherry blossoms and built a number one.  

seemed to minimal for a kid's card, so i went into my craft stash for some ideas and stumbled upon some goggly eyes.  i LOL'ed thinking, i would never do this for anyone else, but felt leanne would really appreciate it.

TADA!  my first button with my new hangtag PAUHAUS cards!
they fit perfectly on the stand!

20 minutes late, i'm ready to roll

moses: "i can do it too daddy!!!"

stoked about my new green skinnies!
brown ballet flats and aqua top also part of my H&M finds


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