mango monday!

i have a buttload of photos from the weekend that i am going to have to postpone for another day.  i enjoyed not having to work on sunday and was even more grateful when i began feeling less than stellar in the afternoon.  i've continued to have a headache and some mild nausea which brings me back to my pregnancy days.  i'm having serious doubts about being pregnant but science works in mysterious ways...

there is another boom of pregnant ladies or ladies that have just given birth in my circle of friends which gets me thinking and panicking about whether we are shutting the door or not.  some days i feel light, free and willing to take it in stride if i found out.  in the words of Gwen Stefani from her "Return of Saturn" album "sometimes i wish for a mistake..." which would make this mistake, errrr i mean, surprise number 3.  and then there are other days, like today, where i'm yelling and shelling out spanks due to hour upon hour of aching eyeballs, motion sickness, and the new arrival of the Terrible Three's "WHY? WHY? WHY?".  i'm still feeling pretty disgusting and scared that it isn't just lack of sleep coupled with staring at a computer for too long.


kev grabbed a few mangoes for me yesterday.  i was jonesing after devouring those grilled ones at Taryn's the other night. 

 threw some together with banana, yogurt, almond milk, and a few cubes of ice.  the three of us were in heaven.  i would have loved to have some strawberries on hand but this was certainly no shabby smoothie!  

we hopped over to the Thrift Shop for a mini outing.  it was Monday so the store was closed with only a select sampling set outside.  having found nothing, we headed across the street to the Mommy & Me Consignment shop.  i'm not a big fan of this place.  they either do not bother to pick through items, or they do a lousy job of selecting items.  it is not that there is not good stuff, but it is largely outweighed by the amount of items that are too dirty or worn out.  

will insert jelly shoes tomorrow.  so damn tired.

despite the lack lustre experience, i did manage to pick up 3 items for $5!  Disney/Tim Burton James and the Giant Peach, a block of retro Playskool colourful blocks, and a brand new pair of clear sparkly jelly gladiators for chloe!

Mango, black beans, cherry tomatoes on toasted coconut rice
super noms

i must have flash mob braided chloe's hair 8 times today

outside after nap time, still cozy in her little jam jams

having fun jumping on my bed

bottoms up!

everybody dance now!

and SAVASANA....

and now for my NEXT TRICK!

i hate the way i am feeling.  i hate how afraid i am feeling... sigh.


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