midnight mass

today.  day TWO of the easter long weekend has been as amazing if not more than yesterday's perfect day.  first off, i would like to express how deeply touched i was to receive this video from a close girlfriend this morning.  i did not get a chance to watch it until just now, but it is beautiful.  i was moved by the ending words of the narrator, but even more moved by katherine's efforts to reach out and find something so beautiful to share with me in hopes of bringing me some peace after my last post regarding religion.

also would like to add a quote from Taryn's last post

Tonight I’m last minute getting ready for the Easter bunny’s arrival and feeling weird about making my own family traditions. It’s all so very grown up and weird when you think about how magical these moments were when you were a kid and now know it was your parents the whole time. It just feels really big to be responsible for that much magic.

it's so true... so much of what we experience as children is smoke and mirrors created by our loving parents who hope to make the best memories for us.  my parents did a wonderful job.  i have memories that have and will continue to last me the rest of my life.

without further adieu, photos from holy saturday.

another gorgeous day!  had lazy times playing on mom and dad's bed...

Photo by Moses

Yves veggie bacon & sausage were on sale
(gotta ask my sister what brand she buys, tastes better...)

after some playtime and clean up, we set up for the egg dyeing!

Moses drawing with white crayon in hopes of making some sort of design

Added 1 tsp of white vinegar  and 15-20 drops of food colours to the jars of boiling water

Gently placed the eggs into the jars


Firs Egg Dying a Success!
will use less food colouring or remove eggs sooner for less vibrant tones

Headed out around our complex to gather sticks, plants, rocks, and flowers
to make nests for the eggs.  This is my nest searching outfit!

Found a trio of ladybugs!

Can you spot the third one?
This time Moses got to have the ladybugs to himself! 

Chloe: My back alley drug dealer
"Here mom, I got some weeds"

the Ramones

Punk, Punk, Punk Rocker!

Transferring nest into pretty glass bowls!
Seriuosly, what is up with this kid's BADittude lolz!

Moses and I headed out into town to do some errands and spend some quality time together  while Chloe napped.  When we returned,  Kevin had made this delicious Gluten-free Quinoa Brownie!  It was very creamy inside.  I'd like to try it with a little more crunch next time.

Baby Beiber

I have a very bad tendency to spontaneously create awesome things when I'm supposed to be leaving my house.  I "frankensteined" 4 of these before figuring out how to best create this disgustingly adorable button for Andie.  Layering the felt on top of each other caused the acetate film to buckle and pop, so i ended up doing the white ears and hot gluing the pinks afterwards.  I am having a lot of fun with googly eyes as of late!

Easter Dinner chez O'Brien, Grandma set up an easter egg hunt for the kidlets!

Amazingly, not one of them even ONCE tried to take one to eat.
They all very willingly found eggs, bunnies and carrots and brought them to the collection bowl!

Counting to make sure none were left behind to melt...

I have a feeling this silly clown nose is going to last forever

Stoked on this photo.  GO SELF TIMER!

Kevin's family is absolutely amazing.  They have been a constant source of artistic and creative inspiration  since we met back in 1997.  After years of being in awe of their talent, I never get tired of their work.  Shannan's illustrations on Andie's shirt blew my mind all evening, I requested she do one for Mo and Co.

Kevin was a domestic god today.  On top of farting out that delish gluten-free brownie, he also simultaneously baked this Gluten-free Blueberry-Raspberry Crumble (via Taryn!) along with the measuring cup full of Custard AND Lemon & Poppyseed Brussels!  

the usual end of the night wind down with grandma


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