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Helmut Lang "CAT BODYSUIT" 1989

i should be sleeping.  these past few days have been tainted with allergies...  i can't remember what brand of allergy pills did the commercial, but seriously, my eyes were exactly the image of someone madly scribbling with red pen onto a person's face... or was it an image of an eye?  yeah.  just wanted to claw them out once and for all.  and, there was of course the plague of serious congestion and fog brain that goes along with it.  anyway.  i can't tell if it's allergies or if i am now entering some sort of shitty cold...

it was a long day today.  there was a lot of trudging along.  up early to go meet up with Ali from Buttercups Consignment in Ladner.  they ended up taking my fairytale prints and a bunch of birthday buttons to sell at the shop.  i'm really stoked about Buttercups, especially since my previous consignment shop Kiddo closed down.  i appreciate the standards of quality they apply to the used clothing they received and the fact that they also have half the store selling new items.  it is the perfect place for mom's in the area to feel comfortable, not shunned from the world, not hideous in their sweats and crack ponytail, but in a place that caters to them and their babies and/or children.  they have a small play area to busy the little kids as well as a nicely set up change station for those spontaneous canon ball shits.  

we dropped by Localz Cafe because they honest to god have the best muffins i've ever tasted in my life.  i was disappointed that they didn't have the banana-strawberry one we tried on our last visit, but the blueberry and the peanut butter banana chocolate were close seconds.  

we moved on over to the Hub.  the Hub is a government funded place that is more or less a home away from home for parents that need to get out of the house and/or connect and socialize with others.  it is very similar to the Strong Start program where they have toys and activities for children to roam and explore while moms and dads can sit back and enjoy one another's company.  the bathroom has an adult toilet as well as a mini one for potty trained kidlets, but the best part of the Hub is that Cobbs Breads (just around the corner) sends two huge plastic bins full of different kinds of bread for parents to grab!  Baguettes, hotdog buns, hamburger buns, huge loafs, mini loafs, etc...  i mean, it sucks if you are celiac, but nothing gets moms out of their houses and connecting like free Cobbs Bread!  they have a few different ladies that host and have the children engage in singing time, story time, clean up time, the whole shebang so it's like you hardly have to do your job!  SLACK!  TAKE A LOAD OFF!  YOU DESERVE IT!

i encourage pregnant moms or new moms to check these places out!  there are handfuls of places scattered in every community, so check out multiple ones.  you might find one you love right away, and even if you don't love it, it is definitely better than being stuck at home alone.  you never know who you are going to meet and one of the most important things we need to do as moms is connect and have support.  there are going to be rough days and there are going to be rough as bloody hell days, and it is so important to be able to have fellow parents who can listen, understand, and calm your anxieties.  before you have children, you have your friends.  when you have children, you need to find MORE friends.  your normal friends may not necessarily be keen on weekly playdates where you have to struggle to get through ONE conversation.  they aren't going to have extra supplies with them if you run out of wipes, diapers, onesies, distracting toys or snacks.  REACH OUT!  you'll be so grateful when you have a ladies to bitch with about your new life as a slave!  i mean that in the best way possible, really i do...

we dropped by kevin's work to say hi.  the kids were stoked to see him and i could tell the stoked level was pretty high on kevin's face to see his little tiny ones beaming at him!  we trudged along to the plant store by kevin's work.  it just so happened the online shop where Taryn bought her garden seeds from is this very shop in Ladner: West Coast Seeds!  how very very convenient!  so, stephanie, here, with the blackest thumbs you'll ever meet, is very determined to start up a garden.  our patio is the only place on earth that never gets a single ray of sunshine, without even addressing the issue of NO SPACE, and we don't really want to pay for a plot over at the Earth Wise garden.  luckily, kevin's parents have a little garden already set up in their backyard.  it just happens to be overgrown with peppermint!  BUT, it's already all built with wires surrounding the outsides and top to keep the raccoons and little pests out.  i'm really excited about this because i have fond memories of picking strawberries at my Lola's house (my mom's mom) when we were really young.  i think it's really important for the kids to have that connection to nature and their food, to know that it doesn't come from a store, and that it is possible to grow it yourself.  CROSSED FINGERS.

the afternoon was a blur of sluggish body jerks to clean, ending with reading a story in bed with moses and then passing out momentarily on the couch.  i was not feeling well.  my cousin Nik arrived to take over the in between time as i got ready for work.  i started eating an apple which seemed to have been the apple from Snow White's evil stepmother.  it suddenly felt like every swallow was dragging a knife down the back of my throat and i was in a crazy panic.  gobs of snot started flowing down my throat and i was freaking out about having to call in sick.  i ended up going to work and managed to do the whole shift with a very horrible voice.  hopefully the worst is over and tomorrow night's shift will be a breeze!

so...  GOING BACK!  yesterday began with POOP!

yesterday was MOM CLUB chez Taryn & Liz.  i dressed moses and half dressed chloe.  i don't remember what distracted me from finishing her off, but she came into my room reach up to me with a hand, and of course what was on her hand?  the same (literal) shit that was on her face.  AWESOME.  so, got her to eat the poo as punishment which wasn't too hard since she eats EVERYTHING.  JUST KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING....  cleaned her up and then picked up the little scattered terms with my teeth i mean toilet paper and folexed the carpet.   

i wonder if chloe will remember that she loved hiding behind these bar stools every day

Mom Club is so conveniently located by my old friend Nikki
who reaps the benefits of supporting my quilling talents

the gang

sweet baby Armenie

Koa never wears pants HA!

dinner by Kevin

i wish i made the effort to take more photos of the Mom Club, the moms in particular.  we are amazing when we are together.  i feel like society doesn't allow us to reach out and connect.  we all live in our little cubbies.  i feel like back in the day, there was more community, moms were not lonely because they gathered together with their brood and this is how they survived.  there might be outnumbered 6 kids to 3 moms, but having each other's back makes such a huge difference.  instead of 1 mom doing everything with constant demands and distractions, each mom is participating and sharing the multi-tasking of feeding, cooking, cleaning, diffusing, playing, all while enjoying good company.  wish i could have taken a photo of both liz and taryn sitting on the kitchen floor breastfeeding their babies.  as the afternoon progressed, kids napped or had quiet time, and we enjoyed tea and peace and quiet.  so perfect.


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