short week! thank you jesus!

woke up this morning with my little momo as usual.  he is such an absolute pleasure in the morning, it is the best time of the day.  he just hangs out in bed with me playing with the toys he transferred from his bed the night before which he never forgets to bring - along with his blue blanket - when he makes his nightly trips to our room.  we have lots of hugs and kisses in between me falling in and out of sleep.  he eventually gets bored and starts telling me to get up and that he wants something to eat.

i finally get out of bed and the "fun" begins.  i feel guilty every morning after our special time together, because once i'm out of bed, it's time to fetch chloe who has been patiently and quietly waiting for me in her crib for god knows how long.  moses is jealous.  i get it.  i have been trying to ease him into it and remind him of what a nice time we had snuggling together, but he just hates it.  he tells me not to get chloe and that he doesn't like her.  meanwhile, i have to hide my eyes as they roll back into my head from smelling chloe's delicious warmth and baby smell, so that he doesn't get more jealous.

it's hard to love both kids without the other feeling neglected.  they are starting to fight more and more for my attention.  sadly, things are not the same with kevin but that is not much of a surprise.  today while i was sitting down in the little chair in their bedroom braiding my hair, they both took turns trying to sit on my lap and the winner would be all happy while the other was screaming and crying.  it was ridiculous.

i was delighted when i realized this week will be short and we'll have kevin on friday!  after taking yesterday off for Thomas' birthday party, i have been scheduled to work tues, wed and thurs evening.  wah wah...

we had our usual late breakfast after 10am.  i've been separating the eggs for chloe since she seemed to be having reactions.  the yolks have been fine.  i'm upset because her skin had been improving the first week and so on our second trip to the natural path, i cancelled tomorrow's appointment, only to find that a couple days later she scratched up a storm all over her body.  i'm frustrated and i don't know what to do!  i figured her skin problems might be food related, but it's too early to do much testing on her for allergies.  both my doctor and the natural path have confirmed she is highly sensitive to the natural fungi that is in our bodies.  the drops she has been taking were supposed to clean out her system but i don't know what is going on.  i hate having to change her only to find out that she has gouged sections of her body and they are raw!


anyway.  we did some colouring and cleaning before lunch then took a little walk to the neighbourhood park...

chloe has been obsessed with wearing her Crocs.  i put her in Cons but she wouldn't put down the Crocs, so i gave up and let her bring them along.  she sat down in the  hallway and refused to get up until i changed her shoes.  she is her mother's daughter.

$30 (50% off!!!!!)

these little brown flats matched every single outfit i picked out.  i LOVE them.

we found a little ladybug in our front entrance

moses was stoked

chloe was super stoked and kept running away from moses with it but as you can see, moses kept trying to steal the ladybug with his finger.  

when moses is at gymnastics he doesn't know how to hang.  
i don't know how to explain "hanging" to him.

chloe was out of her mind today for reasons unknown.  she normally will sit down or go on her belly to slide, but today she just ran full force at the slide!  she did it twice before i could stop her and luckily landed on her butt and not her face.

moses made a rocks' nest

we went to my mom's for dinner tonight.
the kids had fun trying on uncle james' hats
this day is going to come too soon...

C is for Coco!

my bro

so i went onto AMC hoping to watch the next episode of MadMen for free again.  sadly, all they had were sneak previews and discussions about the episode, so i promptly called Telus to pay for the package that included AMC.  whatever $7 a month for a few months?  it's worth it.


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