spring has sprung

last night was another complete failure in sleeping and seeing as it is now after midnight, i don't know if i will ever break out of these bad sleep habits.  i managed to get to bed a little earlier (12:30am) but couldn't fall asleep.  kevin stayed up extra late and finally came to bed.  i cried for the 4th time that day after asking him to hug me.  after my brain racing for 20 minutes and deciding bumping uglies at 2am was a good idea, my brain finally settled AT WHICH POINT MOSES PEED IN HIS UNDERWEAR AND STARTED CRYING.  so i didn't sleep until 3am and i was really wanting to die, terrified that i would end up waking up feeling as awful as i did the previous day.

anyway.  here are the photos from yesterday once my head finally cleared up.  my gold sweater is an homage to my old LG gold Razor cell phone that i was in love with.  moses was about 7-8 months old when he decided to take it and plop it into a tall glass of water.

after a few quick snaps, we headed to IKEA and saw a lovely rainbow!


this morning was shockingly nothing like yesterday.  i was so thankful to feel "normal" tired as i turned over to moses' cutie pie face, his tiny little teeth shining at me with his big grin.  the only thing that is very unsettling about waking up to him is that i am so beyond dead to the world once i finally fall asleep that it's like i've just drank myself into oblivion and don't know what happened before i passed out and how i ended up in bed with moses.  hahahahha.

anyway.  i was supposed to meet with a new mom friend this morning at her consignment store in Ladner, Buttercups, but sent a Facebook message cancelling since i had to drive to IKEA to pick up my purse that kevin accidentally left on our shopping cart.  on my drive out, my phone rang and i hit speaker.  i assumed  it was this new friend,  since it was right when i was supposed to meet her.  so after 5 minutes of talking to her, i stopped, and asked "....who is this????"  only to realize it was my girlfriend Nicole who was supposed to be coming out to meet us for waffles at Ambiente!

Nicole had no carseat and couldn't come out so we came to her instead!  It was a beautiful day.  she is one of the lucky ones who live in a neighbourhood lined with cherry blossoms.  we obviously had to take advantage of the weather and went for a walk after snacks and lunch!

they just finished renovating their home and i love this wall of photos!

heading out for our walk...
Moses Rooke & Chloe

Queen Elizabeth Park

throwing huge lumps of bread at the ducks
(sadly moses could not throw it far enough and the ducks were too scared to come close)

we had better luck with the crows

"chunks of bread"

i'm so angry that i didn't pull out my camera and take more shots of rookie today.  he's growing so fast!  he's 8 months and pulling up and freestanding!  he's slimming down, losing his baby fat.  he reminds me so much of moses, with his constant barfing and need to be held and bounced.

i need to get an umbrella stroller


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