the big three

California Hammock
dear my darling boy.

my heart aches over how fast you have grown from a tiny little bundle into this crackling firecracker bursting with laughter and light.  my heart melts as i watch you day by day, showing kindness when others are sad and gratitude without prompting.  despite the hundreds of minutes each day that you torture me with your whining and disobedience, you are truly turning into a very wonderful little person.  i am so proud to be your mom.  i love you, my little momo.

this year, i will make an even greater effort to spend more quality time with you.  i don't always realize what i am missing by trying to keep up with life, but i know i need to slow down.  i need to see you and get to know you in ways other than cleaning, feeding, and reprimanding.  your smile is contagious, i need to spend more time contracting your joys and livelihood.  you'll be 10 before i know it and the house certainly will not be any cleaner.

thank you for another beautiful year.

happy birthday moses


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