B is for Birthday

a few family photos on momo's birthday

this ringer tee on momo is a vintage tee that's been around since the end of the 70's
it used to be my mom's... or my sister's.  i used to wear during my teenage years.

bahahaha oh moany mo...


a very sweet goodnight kiss for me

my body is totally trying to go on strike.  it's ok, Body, after tonight, i promise we will go back to a more normal schedule!  

i don't know how to feel about Momo's party.  i put a crazy amount of time and effort into this and i can't shake the disappointment i feel about the end product.  i received compliments throughout the day and a few messages after the fact which were very unexpected.  i am half paranoid people know how disappointed i am and just want to make me feel better.  nothing turned out the way i had imagined it to be, everything seemed to fall flat of my expectations.

Fail #1 
the house we slaved over never floated.  it was too heavy for the amount of money we would have had to shell out for huge balloons and helium to fill them.  i had to come to terms with that early on and settle for a displaced house.  i was angry kevin made the windows so thick.  i did not anticipate having a windy day which caused chimney to break off and flap around 

Fail #2
the wind caused my "loot bags" to tangle themselves into unsalvageable knots and had to be hidden under a table to keep them from blowing and further entangling themselves.  there were only a few that broke free and allowed me to distribute without feelings of deep shame.  i wanted so badly to have them all neatly arranged on the table for photos.  SO DISAPPOINTED.

i was able to reshoot ONE today.  only one because i was all out of balloons and helium.  i made little banners to be hung on the kid's door or wall.  of course, nobody would appreciate them except me.  4 year old Grace told me i was supposed to put goodies in the box.  fail fail fail...

Fail #3
for the first time, i decided not to go completely crazy with food because i hated having a mountain of leftovers that would end up in the garbage, leftovers that i would painfully imagine to be wasted money.   of course, it would seem that i did not have enough!  my mom arrived with our sandwiches along with an additional fruit place, veggies platter and salsa and chips for which i had to reluctantly be thankful.  i received  two compliments on the food.  

i designed 4 buttons to hand out as Wilderness Explorer badges.  this Nature button would be rewarded to those who properly disposed of their garbage.  

Fail #4
forgot a garbage for the kids to dispose their waste in to.  how sad  for me to encourage cleaning up but provide no receptacle!  kids were upset that there was no garbage!  how were they supposed to get their badge without a garbage can!!!!!  

sweet darling baby Ottealia

Andie stayed for a short period before her nap.  here she is showing her streamer she made at the Arts&Crafts station for the Artsy Fartsy badge.

and this is the wonderful little house her Mama put together as a part of Momo's gift

relocating the house by the tree helped to keep the chimney and balloons upright

east van clan

west siders

t-town gang

the Rescue Squad badge was awarded for helping to find the little baby birds that were hidden in the park garden area, and to return them safely to their mama bird.

a huge thank you to Jason and Michelle for helping me print out the birds!

the kids had a great time running around in the foliage finding the cute little birdies

moses and ethan running amok with their streamers through the garden

miss grace was very determined to earn all her badges!

Rook loving his streamer!


across the park checking out the waterfall

Fail #5
wind did not allow lighting of the candles

Fail #6
unable to get any sort of cake or dessert idea together the night before i arrived at the grocery store at 7am to try make cake pops.  deciding i would have zero time to make these and get everything packed up and unloaded and set up in time, i decided to buy a mini cake for moses to blow his non-existent candles and surround them with two packs worth of Birthday Cake Oreos.

despite my feelings of failure, there was not a single Oreo left...

pretty sure these two guys had something to do with it!

totally distracted, i totally forgot to distribute the Music badges
ah well.  made extras for my friends who happily took their favourites.


my coco bear

a budding romance

my lifesaver
always coming early and staying late to help set up and clean up

3 blocks and she was out

moses pretending to sleep

drove the Falcon for the first time and fell in love
loved having every car pass and totally check me out ;P


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