blundelling through life

it's only been a couple of days but it feels like forever since i've been here.  there is not enough time in a day to do everything i need to do and everything i want to do.  i've been filling my sketchbook and random pieces of scrap paper with little ideas here and there.  i have physical pieces of these ideas sitting and pleading to me to just start already.  i have ideas that feel like they could be really great and i get excited when i google them and find they don't yet exist.  

i'm turning into my mother.  

sigh.  i just realized it is mother's day for other moms not just myself.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  i am so overwhelmed with having to prepare and ready myself for Moses' birthday party in advance since we will be away for the long weekend and once i return, the two days before the party i am scheduled to work!  and of course i just spent the last hour photoshopping and uploading photos, scanning through pinterest, scanning through Lotus Events to see how the Got Craft show went and ended up being distracted by the awesome stuff on their blog.

outrageously awesome baked goodies and cakes by SWEETAPOLITA

just a little "taste" of what she does!

ANYWAY.  *distractions* *distractions*  i am becoming my mother.  i am obsessed with cleaning the house.  sometimes i feel like a football player trying to figure out my play by play for the day to get everything done.  please note that i do not know anything whatsoever about football so i apologize if this is a crappy analogy and if "play by play" isn't the appropriate term.  my extent of knowledge seriously comes from Adam Sandler in The Waterboy...

but AM i becoming my mother?  OR IS THIS JUST GROWING UP?  i mean, they do say that when your home is cluttered, your mind is also cluttered which is what i am trying to avoid... or is it the other way around?  either way, i don't think that just because i want to reside in something that is NOT a pigsty that should make me my mother?

so maybe i'm not becoming my mother and these last few paragraphs was a crazy mom rant?

i missed my niece Mackenzie's first birthday on Sunday.  i have taken Sundays off here and there and did not think another request off would be welcomed.  kevin and i argued minutes before midnight on what angle to go with for yet another quilled monogram.  with little time and even less energy, we opted for a modern and simple design.  i did the sketch sample and kevin recut, measured, and recreated with his manly precision.

he also took the photos for me the next morning since daylight is the best light.  i was much too busy rushing around to get to work on time.  the photos are ok.  i could have done better... HA!

thank you husband

and thank you again for a delicious dinner to close yet another busy weekend

gluten free garlic-cheese flat bread
lightly sautéed green beans
mahi mahi on mango-strawberry-cucumber salad

we took a trip to costco on monday.  moses was so beat from running around at the park in the surprisingly warm weather he passed out on the drive out, slept in the shopping cart, slept all the way home, and went straight to bed, waking only for a minute in between transfers!

it was nice for kevin and i to have quality time with chloe

fabulous finds!

50 cents
2 baby Miffy dolls to add to our collection PLUS brand new Hello Kitty keychain 

portable car crushing toy
moses amazingly recognized it from one of the Mighty Machines episodes

chloe is an expert communicator for someone who doesn't talk very much.  she has learned to shake and nod her head for yes and no much earlier than moses and responds as she feels, no confusion, no miscommunicating.  at least that is how i remember...  she points or motions at things she wants or needs and attempts to use what little vocabulary she has.  she understands damn near any direction or task.  her memory is progressively more dependable and useful when asking where something is.  

sigh. life is passing by so quickly.  these little guys are not so little anymore.  moses is talking so much, conceptualizing, creating, imagining, processing, making connections and learning cause and effect.  it seems to happen more often in the car when he is left distracted that he starts thinking allowed.  "if "A" happens, then "B" happens..."   he is becoming surprisingly emotional these days going back and forth between telling me he doesn't love me and how much he does love me.  it doesn't hurt my feelings, i know that his concepts are just not fully developed.  and as long as at the end of the day, he falls asleep loving me, that's really all that matters.  it's a tough life having siblings.  you can never get away from them and they are constantly fighting you for your parents' attention.  you are bound to be awful to each other.  but again, as long as he can show chloe affection, consideration and happily guide/teach her a handful of times throughout the day, that, too, is all the matters.


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