Ethan's 3rd Birthday & Westham Island

this is how kevin wrapped up Ethan's present.
it took him almost two hours to do this.

when i ask kevin for help, it is a funny thing.  he goes 10 steps beyond what i am expecting.  i needed help getting things in order and requested he wrap up the present.  he finished wrapping this at 2am the night before.  yes, it is awesome and amazing, but i really just wanted the gifts neatly tucked into a bag with tissue and then move on to more pressing matters.  

My babies
Exciteable Momo
Laid Back Coco

the party begins

DIY light savers using toilet paper rolls and balloons!
"Tasty, am I"
Darth Roast Coffee
Buttons by Moi

handsome Ty
Darth Piñata

Dear Moms-to-Be: Welcome to the next stage of PARTIES!


Starting Young 
Pin the Head on Darth Vader

Tackled by the Birthday Boy

"Don't turn around, but there is a crazy guy staring at your butt..."

Westham Island is in Ladner, about a 15 minute drive from where we live.  We decided to make a quick before Chloe's nap as they offer a Produce Basket Program that runs from June until October.  this was the last day to sign up and we felt it necessary to talk to someone face to face rather than make a decision off the information on their website.

Week by week they create a basket of local and organically grown fruits and veggies for $500.  some of you might notice that it isn't "CERTIFIED" organically grown, but we were convinced to go ahead with it as applying organic processes as much as possible was good enough for us, particularly because it is local and we are trying to support our own community.  the lady went into much detail with kevin about their practices and at what points they would fudge a little in specific situations.  this was reassuring. 



Kids were going wild feeding handful after handful of grass to Hazel

If you click on this photo, you will see how Moses was piling Hazel's tether onto her back

 le fin


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