Here Comes the Sun

my cousin Nicole lives in Ladner, my closest relative outside of my inlaws.  she often visits the kids and helps watch them on days when i need to get to work.  she is so loving and thoughtful of the kids, bringing them baked goods from her home, little treats and most importantly, offering them her undivided attention!  

she messaged me a few days ago telling me she had an adventure planned for us for momo's birthday but she was keeping it secret.  i was having a heart attack every day wondering what it could be.  you just can't tell a mom (especially if you are not yet a mom) that you are taking her and kids to an undisclosed location for 3-4 hours and not expect her eyes to roll into the back of her head!

Breakfast Treat:
French Toast with Maple Syrup and  Strip of Bacon, Blueberry-Cucumber Smoothie
i was rolling in a sea of anxiety wondering how i was going to get them up, out of crankiness, fed, cleaned, dressed, get myself looking decent, get all our snacks and lunch packed, restock the diaper bag, and pick up extra snacks from the grocery store in time to pick my cousin up for 9:30am.  i ended up pushing it to 10am and was only 8 minutes late.   miracle of miracles.

VOILA!  the new Vancouver Aquarium Entrance!


We were disappointed to find out the new penguins had not yet arrived.  We were TWO days early!

the Georgia Straight

the Beluga Show

the baby dolphin!

yes.  chloe was beyond stoked.

moses did not like these rays.  he said their spots were too fuzzy.

what a wonderful treat!  thanks Nik for such a lovely birthday gift and taking the day to come experience it with us.  the kids had such a fantastic time, well worth the energy and drive out!  xoxo

thank goodness i did not have much to clean because i came home, put chloe to bed, and passed out on my own bed.  it is rare that i ever get the chance to do it, but i was so exhausted from so much hustle and bustle, chasing and carrying kids in a busy environment my body was a total wreck!

michelle called me while i was still knocked out in bed, asking about a playdate.  i conceded.  my body was dying but i my heart was also dying to get out to the waterpark that had officially opened the previous day.  it was a gorgeous evening, i couldn't say no.

chloe got soaked!  luckily ethan had a spare towel in his bag.

how is this my son?




wishing everyone a fabulous Victoria Day long weekend!  


  1. awwwww so frickinnn amazeballs! you are such a great piccha taker. i adore the pics. and our time together was so precious. thank you for those moments. i adore the pic of coco in the flowers on the grass. sigh... xoxo.


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