the kidz are alright

no photoshop, i'll be real with you...
this is my new giant zit friend, Gary

it's friday morning.  the house feels like it is in a meditative state or as if someone has hit the pause button and is allowing me to walk through and continue on as i please.  time has stopped.

the kids are over at my mom's for the day.  they slept over last night.

i went to bed at 2am with my face buried into the soft bundle i had created out of their comfort blankets, momo's blue Winnie the Pooh (half furry, half smooth) blankie and chloe's white fleece with the pink flowers.   sometimes i feel like i am cheating on kevin with the kids.  i look forward to moses' nightly excursions over to our bed because i love being able to wrap my arm all the way around his tiny belly, snuggle into him, and be entirely consumed by his smell.  it's an amazing love.

these are special moments.  our days are so busy, and at times where i do accommodate quality time, they are not always interested in me squeezing them and applying layer upon layer of kisses on their warm sticky cheeks.  my kicks are often granted when they are in need of affection, at which point i jump to them like a knight in shining armour and envelop their fragile little frame in a protective embrace.  if i am lucky, my heroic act will warrant a "i love you so much" from moses (with a half tortured expression which he clearly gets from me when i tell him how much i love him...) as he holds my face and pulls back to look at me or wet open mouth kisses on both my cheeks from chloe.  i am amused that she has not learned how to kiss closed mouthed since once of her favourite silly faces consists of a scrunched up face and pursed out lips.

no longer a mom of newborns, no longer a mom who has to wake up earlier than she would like, there is a noticeable gap in my connection with those very new mommies.  though, moses and chloe are still very young, they are many many sleepless nights away from those early days.  i have graduated!  and now i get to sleep until 9am!  i never thought this day would come and certainly never imagined it to be this early as chloe is not even 18 months yet.  KNOCK ON WOOD.

i don't remember where i was going with that paragraph so it will have to be left for now...

it is now 6 hours later and i have not even looked at the along list of TO DO's i set out for myself at 2am, let alone accomplish much of anything...  i had a piece of toast with margarine, mango and strawberry jam with some tea.  i got distracted.

Yummy candle surrounded by counter clutter
Dwell eagerly waiting for me to save him from the pile of dirty laundry
i hopped out just in time to hear my phone ring.  saara came by.  you would have thought it was the Foreign version of Mean Girls with two little Orientals, one Chinese and one Persian, slowly undressing as if they were playing a game of strip poker, except instead they were arguing who had the worst flaws.  a scar here, too much here and not enough here, skin colour and texture, past confidence having turned into lack of confidence, thoughts on implants and tummy tightening, and experimenting with gravity.  i brought out a bunch of clothing to give away which had fuelled our arguments.  in the end she gained a humble little pile while i gained a little bit more space in the closet.  exhausted from comparing flaws, we headed out for a quick visit to the Thrift Shop.

Huge picnic basket  (interior lined with red and white gingham!) $3
Fancy and Plain String $3
Salad Spinner $1

oh the freedom, oh the luxury.  time is afloat, off the tracks and being uplifted by 99 red balloons.  we leisurely clickety clacked through racks, hoping to find something special until we needed to start heading back.  her time was coming to an end as Leila was getting off preschool.  we spent her last available minutes talking outside, warming our skin on the front steps of my building.

i just ate another piece of toast.  i threw on my favourite go-to movie, Marie-Antoinette, and have begun to punch out the JEDI IN TRAINING buttons for Ethan's Star Wars party tomorrow.  god i love this movie.  i love how they parallel these far off times with present day lives of the rich and famous.  the partying, the clothes, the lush lifestyle and the rumours created in the latest PEOPLE magazine or newspaper at the time.  I love how they take her infamous line "Let Them Eat Cake!" and make it a sensational celebrity trash news headliner.

Souixsie and the Banshees do Hong Kong Garden at the masquerade ball

also, i can not tell you how much i am in love with the SOUNDTRACK.  i love the mix of the classical with the grungy rock'n'roll and airy electronic pop, bringing the parallels even closer together.  i have watched this enough times to be perfectly happy just listening to the entire movie while working, easily visualizing each scene, although that would mean i miss all the gorgeous shots, scenery, and enormous amount of detail in the architecture and decor.

i love how they go from scenes of intense visual stimulation (the masquerade ball as a then present-day club) to scenes of total abandon (marie-antoinette standing alone on her balcony in her gigantic palace that seems to almost swallow her whole).  i love how Sofia Coppola makes the characters come to life, how she makes them very real people, people who might reflect your own characteristics or those of someone close to you, showing how the more things change, the more they stay the same.  she shows the very hoighty toighty bitches with a tiny lap dog that never leaves her arm.  she has Marie Antoinette's hairdresser, Bernard, a very flamboyantly gay pretty boy who does works of art with hair.  she takes these  modern stereotypes and transfers them to this time in history where our view of them is presumptuously of lower standing, and allows us to connect....

OMG.  i've gone on a huge tangent.  perhaps i'll return to it another time.  it's a day later, and i have already rambled kevin's ears off about everything i love about this movie.  we just watched Lost in Translation while crafting for Momo's party (also by Sofia Coppola) and i just love what she does in this movie too.  her style is so up to date and so reflective of humans and the way they try to figure out their world and their freedoms.  ANYWAY.

i ended my day of freedom with a Red Tuna dinner with my husband!

Red Tuna is a tiny little sushi place in Marpole, our old neighbourhood, our first "home" together.  we moved into our Vancouver apartment July 2008, two months later we were pregnant with Moses, and we left for Tsawwassen November 2009.  this little place has been our favourite ever since.  we have continued to eat here (with kids!) ever since.  it was really nice to enjoy a meal that i didn't have to share or have dropped or wiped onto my clothes, a meal outside of the home where i had the chance to sit in peace, wait in peace, and talk in peace, and eat in peace.  

Ebi Su

Mr Bean Roll
Veggie: Cucumber, Avo, Yam Tempura, Sweet Shitake Mushrooms

"The Thomas Roll"

i will be posting more photos of the weekend but here are a few sneak peeks from today at Ethan's Birthday party...


my little pumpkin pie

and trip to Westham Island afterwards...

the monkees


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