Run for the Hills!

do you know about silver hills?  this is my favourite bread and i can not tell you how stoked i am that they sell a handful of their varieties at Costco which are about the same price as a single loaf for a TWO PACK!  and did i mention they are Canadian?  triple word score.

 these wonderful breads contain organic ingredients, sprouted 100% whole grains, they are high in fibre, vegan/lactose friendly, NON-GMO, and contain no artificial preservatives.

kevin got me started with Steady Eddie when i was pregnant with moses.  i have had many bread fellows since then, trying to keep on a budget, but i'm making efforts to push health and having found these wonderful breads at a cheaper price, i don't think i will be going back.  

with all the gluten-free products that are coming out for celiacs and those with wheat sensitivities, you have to wonder what has caused the rise.  my paranoia for allergies likes to tell me that those of us that have allergies, may not be allergic to "WHEAT" or "APPLES" but possibly to the GMO versions of these foods that have been processed to hell or modified beyond their original states.  my paranoia tells me that these genetically modified foods are not great for us and our bodies are saying "get it out of here!"

so i am grateful that Silver Hills products are NON-GMO.  or at least that's what my paranoia tells me...

My new favourite is The Big 16 which happens to feature our own Canuck and founder of The Running Room, John Stanton, on the package!  

yes yes, I have to admit, part of my love for Silver Hills is the packaging.  IT IS FANTASTIC!


gonna have to find stockists and try these guys out!

and i was jumping for joy when i discovered Little Big Bread  (TWO PACK AT COSTCO!) for the kidlets!  yeah yeah i know, why can't they just eat the regular bread...  they can, BUT big bread often ends up taking longer to eat and gets left behind for me to finish up.  plus, sometimes i don't have the appetite for an entire piece of well-stocked bread, sometimes i just want a little one!  

Little Big Bread slices are packed with good stuff that requires more masticating than your run of the mill bread, so it's nice for the kidlets to have something a little more catered to their size.  

a little smaller around and a little thinner makes these slices perfect for your little ones.  



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