sneak peeks from CALI

we missed our flight there and back.  it was an atrocity.  our trip was relaxing with help and hospitality from my michelle and derek.  they played with the kids and fed us in house or out to their favourite go-to restaurants.  the kids were stoked having a bigger place to roam and the extra company of the dogs, Matty and Pumpkin.

after missing our flight back monday, we were stuck at LAX for 6 hours before our 2 hour flight home.  we had lost a day and were completely haggard upon return.  kevin had taken the monday and tuesday off to recover and help get as much possible done for momo's party this weekend, so our tuesday was really packed and hectic.  

the next day of course was momo's birthday.  we did nothing.  he had both Leila and Ethan over during the day (morning and evening respectively) which helped me to achieve my goal of not having him drive me up the walls.  more than anything, i just didn't want to feel angry at him on his birthday.  oh plus i was completely exhausted from our flight, staying up til the usual 130am and waking up early at 630am to get stuff done all day tuesday.  

the birthday party is his present.  i feel guilty that we didn't do "anything" on his birthday, but i promise you i was busy as hell all week getting everything ready.

anyway!  a few select pics from our weekend in LA!

chloe in her new swag

moses' new toys

chloe on the balcony wearing more new swag
(so stoked on the Vans!)

momo and uncle derek at the scene

momo's Thomas birthday party!

momo's and derek's sweet mama Cyn


morning after, playing with yet another train set from 
D's sister and husband, Lauren and Brian

moses kept referring to Brian as "the big guy" hahaha

brunch at Atwater Crossing

oh look, MORE TRAINS


vegan icecream at KindKreme

lounging in the hammock  :)


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