Sticker Tats and Foodies!

i don't know how they managed to snag "my" sheet of super cute easter stickers but they have become very popular the last few days

chloe's skin makes me really sad.  sometimes i can't tell if she is having an allergic reaction or if spilling food/water on herself tickles her and gets her violently scratching until her skin breaks or starts to show tiny red bumps.  some days she seems fine, and other days it's awful.

i decided to add FROZEN SPINACH to my smoothie list.  fresh or bagged spinach is great, but it has a shelf life.  plus, i just wanted to try it out for curiosity's sake.  the frozen berries were on sale so i bought 3 bags each of strawberries and blueberries.  not organic.  slap on the wrist. whatever.

the frozen spinach comes in medallions, about and inch diameter and 3/4" tall.  

Frozen Spinach Smoothie

2 frozen spinach pieces
a handful of frozen strawberries
a handful of blueberries
almond milk to cover
a few squeezes of agave

i tried it sans agave, and it was a touch bitter

(makes 3 of the above cups)

after a breakfast for scrambled eggs, toast, banana, and smoothie, they raided the closet for some cereal and moses began dealing out the stickers again.  chloe tried to disguise herself, but i recognize those tiny boobies anywhere, HA!  

Moses Says:

Chloe!  That's a turtle!  Can you say "TOW-TOH?"

so, i finally had to return Tana's Kitchen to the library.  Cait managed to find one for a few bucks on the internet so it should be back home with me soon.  in the meantime, i managed to bang out two recipes from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals.  the chicken (sans antibiotics and animal by-products) was on sale so i bought two packs, 6 thighs in total.  I WISH SO HARD that i had been able to take photos of the first one i made yesterday for dinner, but it needed 2 more minutes in the oven and i was already late for work.  i wasn't about to take a photo of it in my tupperwear at work in the dingy lunch room with my phone!

Tray Baked Chicken
Photo from
i had most, but not all the ingredients and it turned out phenomenally!  it was a super fast recipe that took very little time and effort.  i also just happened to have the ingredients to make the paired drink which consisted of strawberries, mint, lemon, ice cubes and sugar.    DELISH.

1.  Turn your oven to 400 and set your frying pan to high.  
2.  Spread out parchment paper with sweet paprika ( i only had smoked), oregano ( i think that's what was in the container i used haha), salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil.  
3.  Add some olive oil and a pat of butter to the frying pan
4.  Roll your chicken into the flavours on the parchment paper
5.  Throw chicken into pan and cook 4-5 minutes until golden on both sides
6.  In a roasting pan, throw 2oz cherry tomatoes and a quartered lemon.
7.  Tip the chicken and juices into the roasting pan.
8.  Lay a strip of bacon on top of each chicken and throw into the oven for 15-20minutes.

He calls for rosemary sprigs but i did not have any available.  Kevin threw it into my tupperware with rice and peas and dusted it with parmesan.  It was the best dinner.  Too bad there were teenaged boys around or else i could have totally devoured it like a starving dinosaur.  OH PLASTIC CUTLERY.

Chicken Skewers, Amazing Satay Sauce, Fiery Noodle Salad

i had two thighs leftover so immediately after making, eating, and cleaning up our breakfast, i set to work making another one of Jamie's Recipes: Chicken Skewers, Amazing Satay Sauce, Fiery Noodle Salad.  the recipes called for red chills which i did not have nor use.  

the satay called for peanut butter but since chloe is allergic i used her WOWButter.  it turned out excellent!  i was so pleasantly surprised!  the ginger and garlic were subtle but contributed hugely and played very nicely with the lime juice.

the noodles called for cashews which i did not have nor would i have used for chloe's sake.  for the noodle seasoning, i didn't have sesame oil and my honey is thick and hard, so i used some agave.  again, the lime really made the noodles fresh and tangy.

half the satay is used to coat the chicken before going in the oven, the other half for drizzling afterwards. oh my goodness, cooking these recipes and having them turn out as amazing as they do is shocking my sensibilities as a total idiot of the kitchen.

so stoked i had the bottom of a head of lettuce left for lettuce wrapping!

the chicken was so tasty paired with the soft noodles and the fresh crunchy lettuce texture, topped with even more lime-ginger-cilantro flavours from the satay!

moses requested i take a photo of him with his eyes closed

chloe mashed handful after handful of noodles into her mouth before spitting them out and stuffing them back in for a second attempt.

moses showing me how to roar with crazy wiggle fingers

angelface napping

for non parents, the huge white pile at the top left is a pile of wet wipes that she (happily, i'm sure) pulled out of the container (centre bottom).  yes, that is a diaper beside her face which she grabbed from the dresser when she went for the wipes container.  she still sucks blankets although she has added her doggie's ear and tail to the list of things she likes to suck.


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