updates: it's gonna be may

welcome may.  i guess it's a little late, but we are backtracking a little bit here.  photos from saturday dim sum with my cousin Kit, who was visiting from Houston, Texas.  i haven't seen him since my dad's funeral so i was feeling edgy.  i was looking forward to the weekend and was wanting to by-pass any chance of awkward feelings and just get on with life, but c'est la vie.  we had a small snack for breakfast, knowing the kids would be plowing through the savoury dishes at lunch.

momo with my bro

my gong gong trying to win chloe's heart through food hahaha

my muffin and me

i had to admit that i was very taken aback seeing my cousin after so long.  he has always lived elsewhere, temporarily setting roots every now and then, so we never knew each other very well, plus he is old enough to be my uncle.  in fact, he would often babysit me when i was very young and i have fond memories of his very easy going and goofy personality.  it is funny how that personality has not changed, and i was taken aback by how much resemblance he has to my father.  i know it's crazy, but again, my emotions were grasping straws when i noticed the resemblance.  i felt a very strong need to snap a photo of moses and Kit together if but to fabricate something close to what it would be like if my dad were around here to grandfather these two munchkins.  

peanut face with my mom
OMG i am becoming my mom

and one day chloe might become me

momo's (first) chinese new year hat has resurfaced and chloe has been prancing around
in it rather frequently ever since

also NOTE
sunday after our Chinatown excursion, in my state of headache/nausea, i rearranged their room.  it's breaking my balls, but i am slowly working towards having chloe out of the crib and rooming in the bottom bunk to free up space in the bedroom.  it's really breaking my balls.  and by breaking my balls i mean tearing my heart into shreds.  i'm going to have a nervous breakdown when we give her crib over to Jenice in the next couple of months.  sigh.  she has taken to the change no problem.  moses was the same.  i think i just change furniture a lot in general so they must be used to changes in their environment.  next i will be taking one side of the crib down so she will actually be free. 


kevin made a delicious gluten free pizza
i promise it was delicious despite the face moses is making here...

i kid you not, chloe put these rainbow shorts on by herself over her sparkle tights

she is owning her brother who seriously puts on an entire Shakespearean drama whenever i ask him to put on his clothes.  he throws himself on furniture like he has just found out the love of his life happens to be his cousin or its the end of the world.  i don't know, scrap those examples.  basically, he's very dramatic for no reason.

just out in the front complex getting fresh air.  kevin found this vintage FisherPrice riding horse at the Ladner Thrift Shop.

blowing dandelions

below: Apple Crumble recipe ormed and baked into a cookie

After sailing around the world (or part of it) on another one of their yearly cruises, Kevin's Nana and Grandad returned, and as tradition, invited us over for dinner.  I can't stop the feelings of joy and gratuity that well up in me when I see how much the kids love (and remember!) them, and of course, vice versa.  It is so fortunate that the kids get to have a relationship with their great grandparents.  

definite perks to living on English Bluff

as usual, they were kind enough to bring back loot bags for everyone

super stoked moses received his first one of these 
i have so many fond memories of playing with these puppets with my brother

moses' bed always has at least 3 blankets and a handful of toy and books he occupies
himself with until he dozes off to sleep

demons by day
angels by night
i'm so lame

she has a habit of pulling her arms out of her shirts


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