Waffles with Nicole & Rooke

one of my tactics to lure friends out into beautiful Tsawwassen is to come feast on the heavenly waffles at Ambiente Cafe.  this is the best time of year as they only use fruits that are in season, and the berries are making their comeback for the summer!  these waffles are my favourite treat, they are super thin, slightly crispy on the outside and a little soft on the inside.  decked out with whipping cream, drizzled with a fruity  coulis, and topped with fruit, these (and the sausage rolls) got me through many hard days during my pregnancy with chloe.

seriously, if i haven't seen you in years and years and you have a free day, please message me and i'll take you for waffles and you can meet the monsters!

i went from sharing one waffle to buying two as moses has grown older.  with chloe in tow and an avid food connoisseur, i think I'm venturing into "3 waffles" territory.  UGH.  $ lunch has become $$$ lunch.

once they madly devoured their waffles, they were begging for more so i let them share half of mine.  were they satisfied?  of course not.  i had to finish my cold waffle as fast as possible before the taste of my mom guilt ruined everything as they both bounced up and down wailing for more!

apparently Rooke is also a fan!


made a quick visit to the park since it was such a beautiful day

thanks nicole for documenting the fact that i can look nice sometimes!

passed right out before we even got home!


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