29: Life's a Beach

thanks caela for the gorgeous peonies
thanks saara for arranging them  

as with every birthday, i fought the "it's my party and i'll cry if i want to" attitude.  tempted so many times to say "fuck it" and just stay in, i pushed myself to be positive and keep going, to just let go of whatever things could not be helped and relax.  it was a challenge to make a special day out of an ordinary day.

my cousin Nik accompanied the kids and i to the beach. 
it was truly a perfect day for the beach, warm enough without being too hot, and a nice light breeze to keep you cool.

thanks Lauren for the beautiful hot pink maxi skirt!

truly a gorgeous day!

returned home for coco's nap
i madly attempted to put together a nice dinner quick enough to get back to the beach, hoping to snag a fire pit for s'mores.  it's all i wanted to do today!!!!  SMORES!!!!

Chloe with her two Dads
michelle & ethan arrived early and grabbed a pit.
jason rode with us

the cafe opened for the first night!!!!!

dancing in the skirt!

nude little dude with shades

double fisting

my little beach bum


at first i thought the mini marshmallows were a bad idea, but they worked out well!  first off, they definitely slowed down the pace which meant the kids didn't have nearly as much sugary goodness as they would have if i had bought the large ones.

we came up with a system.  jason created the skewer holder which was used to get the marshmallows toasted at the same pace the chocolate melted on the Celebration cookies.

super noms

beautiful sky

creations from other beach visitors earlier that day

birthday girl self portraits

hahahha, mean mug babes

a big thanks to Nik for always being so calm and patient when i'm going crazy trying to get my shit together.  a big thanks to saara, for the London Fog delivery.  a big thanks to the Mcleod-Knight gang for the wonderful evening.  

it was a perfect day


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