arms of sleep

it's been a rough week.  the kids have had a cold and the congestion and constant jolts from phlegmy coughs have made them super needy and exceptionally more difficult to put to bed.  in fact, where having moses is usually a nice treat for me, i've had BOTH of them in bed every other night which has been awful.  chloe is the early riser, so up and unable to fall back asleep two hours before my usual rising time has been hard on my body.  not to mention the weather has gone retro on us and kept us hiding inside from the wind, rain and cold.

as usual, we fudge a little on discipline when the kids are sick for the sanity of the entire house.  kevin has been falling asleep in their room a handful of times to comfort them and essentially get them to GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP faster.  that's only funny if you know about the book...  he is actually (passed out probably) in there as we speak.  i could say i am thankful, but i know that he probably doesn't care because it gives him the opportunity to pass out and have a break as well!

MadMen and Gossip Girl have come to an end and So You Think You Can Dance and MasterChef have taken their place.  30 Rock and SNL get us through late night chores and guilty desserts.  i'm glad this week is finally over.  i think i'm going to start off the weekend with a hot Baileys.

today went fairly well.  the kids were atrocious last night in our bed, so kevin finally returned chloe to her crib.  i was able to get enough sleep to not feel cracked out this morning.

library time was cancelled so we grabbed some snacks and went to Winskill where we ran into two friends: Mina, the adorable girl we met at the library whom i plan to have as a daughter in law, and Darcy a friend of Ethan's.

as our day started earlier than usual, i decided to grab the newly arrived BC strawberries i bought at work last night and take them to share with kevin on his lunch break.  i had to keep myself from eating them last night, nothing compares and i had forgotten just how amazing the local ones are compared to even the organic ones from California.  i was so stoked.  we, of course, had to go by Localz to check for the Strawberry Carrot muffins and FINALLY after being out of luck the past few times, we scored!  moses chloe and i maowed that muffin down in seconds!

just before we left, a gang of police on motorcycles parked in the lot.  chloe, lover of motorcycles, happily jumped at the opportunity to sit on one while moses hesitantly kept distance.

dinner was delicious.  i was craving the cauliflower fried rice and bought a head of lettuce to make them into wraps, much like one of my favourite entrees when going for Chinese.  even did a little sauce of hoisin, hot sauce, and some lemon juice.  it was so good and i was way too hungry and tired to take photos.

my mom is having a family dinner with my extended family for Moses since his Up! party was largely little kids and a handful of my friends.  we made a quick visit over to kevin's parents as we would not be there for Saturday dinner.  the garden is doing so well.  i am so pleased!

we couldnt wait, we ate the three strawberries!  
even better than the local ones i just bought last night
they were so red and so juicy and so REAL.  if only we didn't have such a tiny crop!






moses blowing bubbles in the swimming pool

today was a great end to this week of snotty noses and crappy weather.  looking forward to the weekend. let's cross our fingers for some good weather!


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