birthday beats

we went for a walk saturday and i finally had the balls to snatch one of these roses
it went very well with my strawberry cucumber salad

kevin later surprised me with a fancy pants birthday dinner at Market at Shangri-La with an intimate group of friends.  everyone agreed on the 6 course Tasting Menu.  and so the food photos begin...

so happily drunk on 2.5 coconut mojitos
definitely going to try to make it down here this summer for a few more
any takers??!

chocolate lava cake

after work sunday, we met up for dinner with Caela & Brian at Tandoori Kona.  
headed across the street to the huge park to have Cupcakes and lounge around with Caela while the boys took the kids to play

birthday beats continued monday night at my cousin Lauren's new pad with itlaian soda, cheese puffs, and Thai food take-out, followed by Pho in Richmond tonight with my mom and brother.

it didn't seem that long ago that my brother and i were the ones visiting relatives' houses and horsing around on their beds...

and tomorrow i will be 29
still not feeling up to snuff, i'm afraid to wake up and face myself

thank you to everyone for the birthday love
so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life


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