Dinner Date at Minami

kev and i are trying to make time for ourselves.  we get along great as a parental unit but there have been a few recent occasions where the uglier side of what we used to be like has made an appearance.  yes, as parents of two kids 18 months apart, our relationship has been on the back burner for quite a while.  having kids has distracted so much from our relationship that i forgot how we used to argue!  

we struggled to leave the kids at my mom's for the night.  moses was a complete wreck, bawling and begging us to PLEASE PLEASE stay with him or let him come with us.  his three year old wisdom is getting the better of him after 2 years of uneventful overnight stays at my mom's.  no bribe or promise was able to console him.  after kevin helped walk moses to the park, kev eventually left and we made our way downtown.

we had our heart set on Hapa Izakaya.  sadly they were not taking reservations and once we found our way to its bustling entryway, we were told it would be a 45 minute wait.  we decided to try the new restaurant, Minami, that has taken over what used to be Goldfish, one of my favourite places to eat.  i was a bit hesitant and still mourning over the loss of Goldfish, but i figured what the hell... 

i'm going to break the news to you now and tell you that this place did not disappoint.  we had an absolutely fabulous time and i am still reliving the delicious memories, just waiting for our next opportunity to get away, indulge in our favourites and find others!

Miyazaki Mango for me, sweet mango and spicy ginger

Up until this point, i had only heard of places that will basically give you a slap across the face and tell you "NO, that is not what you want to order, THIS is what you want."  and yes, i know that might come across as unorthodox and even a little insulting, but if you really know what you are doing, you REALLY know what you are doing and they certainly proved their expertise!  this happened a few times throughout our evening, the first slap came with Kevin's choice of Sochu.  the waitress came back with a different variety and quite honestly, we forgot all about our initial order, the one we were given was a total knock out.  this was exciting.


Nori tempura batter, brussel sprout chips, pickled tomatoes, tosazu sauce

there are no words to describe how deliciously perfect these were!  batter was perfect, not heavy or greasy, the calamari itselfwas so smooth and soft.  the salty brussels chips added a tiny bit of crunch and the sweet acidity from the pickled tomatoes was very thoughtful.

Spicy Pork Gyoza
savoy cabbage, chill oil, soy sauce, vinegar

these were so yummy!  who doesn't love gyoza?!  kevin has decided that he would be happy to have these for breakfast every day.  rich and savoury!

my mom called us saying we had to pick the kids up after our dinner instead of tomorrow.  moses was not doing well at all.  here, kevin's heart is breaking as moses cries on the phone for us to get him.

Una-Kyu Roll
Barbecued fresh water eel tempura, cucumber, seven spice salt, unagi sauce

definitely a great roll, but paled in comparison to the previous dishes.

Red Wave Roll
crab, avocado, wrapped in red tuna, masatake sauce


Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi

pressed local salmon, jalapeño, miku sauce

the red wave was really nice, very enjoyable, would definitely order it again but first place of the entire meal was DEFINITELY the Aburi Salmon.  we initially ordered another dish with the Red Wave Roll and the waitress returned to us advising us to choose something else since the ingredients in our two choices were very similar.  she suggested trying their Aburi, which is what they are known for, aburi being flame-seared sushi.  kevin had wanted the shrimp, but i was really craving some fish.  the waitress confirmed the jalapeño was not overpowering, so we went with the Salmon.

oh. dear. god.

could i please have this for lunch and dinner twice a week?

there was no question that the salmon was flame-seared, you could taste the smoke enveloping each buttery smooth bite of the salmon.  the rice balanced the rich flavours and that tiny slice of jalapeño could not have given a more perfect little kick, as if to wake you up before drowning completely!  hands down, this is the best thing i have tasted in life.

waiting for dessert...  
are you ready for this?

Coconut Blueberry Cream
light coconut cream
blueberry & blackberry compote
mint glaze
blueberry sauce
sour cream chantilly
whipped cream coconut cookie
blueberry-lavender sorbet

how could you choose anything else?

could not have asked for a more perfect night!


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