family weekend

my head has transformed into a balloon.  a helium filled balloon.  i have become a complete airhead and can not seem to remember simple tasks or keep promises that i make with the genuine intention of fulfilling.  my plans with people are scattered and overlapped.  i am forever forgetting to message or respond to people.  where is my mind?

kevin took the day to get some work done on the Falcon.  he is a good husband.  he always puts our needs ahead of his own until we break into some nostalgic heated argument that brings about the discussion of his wants and needs.  this included working on the car.  i don't know why he doesn't just tell me he needs to work on the car.  i have no problem with this, but i guess he assumes otherwise.

anyway.  my friend Michael happens to run the shows over at the Planetarium or the Macmillan Space Center for you young folk, and has invited me many times to bring the kidlets for a visit.  this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  

i have not taught moses anything about living on Earth or other planets.  his skies consist of the sun the moon and the stars.  and the clouds.  and rain.  


Bronwen met up with us for a short visit.  she watched the show with us...

...and hung out while the kids had their snacks and helped me pack them into the car

Nicole headed into Ladner from Vancouver (i'm sure we must have passed one another on the highway as i was heading out that morning) to place their order for produce baskets from Westham Island.  Rook got to meet Hazel!  Daddy Brock took a bunch of amazing photos.  I'll share them another day...

she texted me to join her and Ashley (sister and my good high school friend) for lunch seeing as i was on my 6th day with the kids and going a little nutso.  you cannot imagine the relief i felt upon receiving that text.

Ash reading books with Momo

Hooray!!!!  the banner from Momo's birthday party!

sweet baby Rook

chloe ripped off her shirt and refused to wear it up until the last minute when we finally had to say our good-byes.  even then, she put up a fight.

love the inset shelves and the Disney poster

turns out the girls' parents were there and an entire mexican feast was made for lunch!
this definitely turned out to be the best day imagineable

Crispy quesadillas topped with sunny side eggs, spicy salsa and crumbled feta (?)
I know it is strange, but as amazing as these quesadillas tasted, i was surprised by how tasty the black beans turned out.  And as usual, the guacamole was perfect.  

Thank you guys again for having us over!

we've been doing a huge amount of reorganizing and purging.  it's been going well.  after a few hours of sorting piles of things to go and things to keep, we headed over to Rawlins for saturday dinner.

check out that hand precision

me and my monkey

angel cake

going to the backyard to check on the garden


everything is doing surprisingly well!


beans or peas i can't remember, i think it's the beans

this photo cracks me up
texting textin texting

work has been crazy this week with DOLLAR DAYS.  i'm thankful for the busyness as it makes the time pass more quickly.  i'm also thankful that the Supervisor that hired me and who does the scheduling has begun scheduling me for 930-230 instead of 830-5.  my body can not take those longer shifts.

after an early dinner, we headed out for a walk to the school park in Beach Grove

who is this mysterious man that i married?

moses is growing so fast

hee hee

me and my munchkins
god i love it when they don't drive me crazy


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