this summer is going to be a busy one.  i have taken on a bunch of projects which is great but i'm a little worried about my stress levels, my sleep schedule, and my time management.  i'm helping to do a few birthdays (a luau one this saturday, a Richard Scary Birthday for Rook's first birthday in July), two bridal showers in July, and a baby shower in August.

i have become closer with my sister's best friend who has three amazing - not to mention gorgeous - children.  she and the kids have just moved to a new place and having had sunday off work, we went over to visit and help sort through boxes.  i checked out the space, particularly the kids' rooms, seeing how i could help to make it feel cozier and less scary.  we returned the following day for a joint dinner, since 9 year old Nailah loves cooking (check out her blog!), and to put up the first of a few easy ideas to bring some life and cheer to their new bedrooms.

monday was sunny and hot!  marla had given us their wagon the previous day, so i took the kids up to Winskill for their first wagon ride.

chloe sporting her new yellow Natives!

moses lending a hand while princess chloe enjoys the scenery in her apple shades

we found a caterpillar on the way home!

moses: Awwwwwwwww, it's sooo sweeeeet!!!! (x5)
(seriously, check out the tenderness in his eyes!)

after lunch, i spent the afternoon in a complete panic!  trying to keep the mess to a minimum, i hurriedly listed and packed all the things we would need for our visit that evening.  i bought all the necessary ingredients for my half of the recipes during our walk.  i had to pack the crafts and tools.  then i set to work making bunting flags for the Myles and Kane's room and another wall piece for Nailah's room.  

kevin came home and i performed my usual "WE"RE LATE!!!!!!" freak out only to be faced with a 4 car accident at our end of the tunnel!  we ended up detouring to the Alex Fraser bridge in Surrey to get to Richmond.  all was well.  Nailah and i worked as a team to get dinner ready while kev played with the boys and Marla walked around shivering.

Salad: Strawberry, avo, red pepper & goat cheese with honey mustard dressing
Salmon Fishcakes
and Half Burnt Yam Fries

Red Velvet with Nailah's homemade Buttercream Frosting
Nai got to use her brand new electric blue stand mixer for the first time!

Cream cheese frosting

8 oz. cream cheese
1/2 cup butter
2 cups icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla 

Cream butter, cream cheese and vanilla

Slowly mix in the icing sugar

the taste tester

does anyone else's kid prefer to eat with one foot up?

hahaha our kids look like us

it was a fantastic night.  all the kids get along so well and just like all kids, they really enjoyed having company over.  i'm excited to help decorate their rooms, i'm hoping it makes a difference!


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