Momo's Family Birthday

this was the first year that i split up Moses' birthday.  it is too difficult, not to mention pricey, to have both me and kev's family PLUS our friends and friends with kids.  my mom happily hosted a party for our side of the family in her home.

there is not a time that we have a BBQ at my mom's where people do not talk about how beautiful the garden is. it is true.  my mom pours her heart and soul into this garden and has been doing so for many years.  back in grade 12, i would have my girlfriends over and we would enjoy Bagel Bites and other highly processed snacks in the garden, talking in ridiculous English accents as if we were characters out of Jane Eyre.  yes, i know.  very strange.

my mom's signature sparkling lemonade

my mom and my brother put together a most delicious BBQ

this is my brother, ridiculous as always
i like it, he reminds me more and more of my dad

a horrible photo of me and Lauren LOL

dessert consisted of fruit with boxes of Chinese baked goods:
Egg tarts, Coconut Filled Buns, and Crusty Topped Pineapple Buns

my mom later whipped out her famous Filipino biko for dessert seconds!
Biko is essentially Rice Krispie squares except with sticky rice, coconut milk and brown sugar
everyone painfully cut themselves tiny piece after tiny piece, stuffing themselves beyond capacity

my cousin Charlene gifted moses a gigantic remote control fish
clearly this stayed at my mom's house!


chloe had multiple shitfits when she saw moses open these shoes.  she repeatedly tried to grab them and try them on and screamed and cried when i took them away, unsure about the size.  i promised her i would get her a pair.

playing the piano with Uncle Chris

Moses the Cartoon Bear

i was surprised at how happy i felt having Moses' birthday at my mom's.  it was very nostalgic.  we have celebrated many many birthdays in this house with these same relatives.  it was so nice to celebrate a new generation, so nice to share this familial experience with moses and have him know he belongs to such a wonderful family.  so thankful my mom has instilled the importance of family into me and so willingly hosted this party when i know she is not as young and energetic.  it was so nice of my brother to help out with the food and after party clean up.   



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