this year's LA trip did not include Taco Truck.  though i love the novelty of finding the truck and joyfully savouring each bite of the tiny little tacos with a handful of radishes before the cold sweet bubbles of my Orange Crush happily washes it down, Señor Fish ultimately has the most amazing potato tacos! 

the potatoes are undoubtedly filled with butter and fried before being stuffed into a crunchy and equally fried up taco shell.  the richness is perfectly complemented with the cool crunch of lettuce and tomatoes and finished off with spicy salsa.  i'm salivating.

kevin attempted to recreate them, but there was not nearly enough butter and fried-ness happening.
looking forward to a second attempt!

we had Ethan Michelle and Jason over for dinner the other night to thank them for their help with the party.  i was craving Jamie Oliver's tray baked chicken and decided to try out the Squashed Potatoes included in the 4-in-1 meal.  finally found a link to the recipe!  i was pleased that everything turned out so perfectly!  this recipe is so fantastic and so easy to make!

this evening turned out to be quite crazy.  michelle brought over a bottle of champagne that had me drunk as a skunk in minutes, releasing all self-control from the bag of Cheese Puffs.  kevin had the record player blasting out 50's-60's tunes which sent me into a drunken dance fury, swinging and dipping the kids all over the living room.

Banana Oat Chocolate Chip Cake!
earlier that same day, neighbour Cait swung by with a plate of these heavenly treats.  this Banana Oat Chocolate Chip recipe takes no time to throw together and gives you that perfect homemade feeling inside!  (yes, that link is to Cait's food blog with all her tried and true favourites!)  not overly sweet, this recipe offers a moist texture and delicious nutty crunch from the oats and almonds.  perfect with tea or a special snack for the kids. 

michelle and ethan came over this afternoon to watch the kids as i took off for work, and cait came by once more with a plate of Oatmeal Raisin cookies!  i've gotta say, life is good here in Heron Cove.  

an update on our little garden chez O'Brien

the strawberries

the beans

the peas


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