Summer Is Here!

starting off with some creative work, i made a set of buttons for my sister's sister in law who is pregnant and due in August.  i made a set of these monthly celebratory buttons for baby's first year for my internet admirer friend Miranda, or rather for her adorable munchie-kin Akira. (see photos below of the little cutie-pie)  

Aki will forever have the original full on handmade vintage set, but with little time to be hand stamping every number, i've decided to let the computer do the work.  i can't believe how much my heart melts every month i get to partake in celebrating another wonderful month in the first tenderfoot year of baby!  i regret not making these for the kids and documenting each month, i would have LOVED to make it into a blurb book!  so, baby mommas (to-be) or person who knows a baby momma (to-be), here is your chance to leave that regret behind and request your own set of buttons from yours truly!

how is it possible for him to be so adorable??? 

made a trip out to Centennial last Thursday and was super stoked to see the renovations getting down to the last details.  they have smoothed the pavement and laid down a nice brick entry way where it was once dusty gravel.   a long tree trunk has been converted into a bench and welcomes beach arrivals.  behind the bench is a large patch of lush grass perfect for picnics.  

the building is all but complete, the washrooms are ready and waiting, the concession stand still demands more work.  loving the natural feel of the wood walkway between the new facility and the grassy area.

had my first play date with my old co-worker and boss Lori from 2006-2008.  she also has two little ones, two boys, 3 and 5.  we met at Steveston Park.  

i'm pretty sure there is a photo of me on this exact digger from when i was chloe's age

dear Renee, please send me the photo of you behind the fence! 
can't find it and need to compare!

Summer 2012 vs Summer 2010

FINALLY!  the Langemann's returned from their 2 month hiatus to Toronto!

Mom Club resumed with gluten free waffles, fruit and strawberry margaritas!!!
Taryn's recipe included cottage cheese, coconut oil and coconut flour

more summer loving coming soon...


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