the weekend: Father's Day

we begin where we left off...  after a late night having had to scoop the kids up from my mom's place, it was an early morning to get over to Saara's to decorate.  decorate decorate decorate, rush home to get ready, return with the family, eat and take care of sugar filled kids, and then rush over to my in-laws for the start of Father's Day.

i love Jen and Ian's house.  i love how you can immediately get a sense of their style and i love how clearly defined their style is.  they were lucky to find such a great little rancher after a few years in a stifling condo.  isn't this fireplace gorgeous?  it runs through the centre of the house, with a tiny space behind it leading to the kitchen.

lovely table set up for dinner with everyone's names beautifully scrolled on place cards 

my card to Pat from the kids

birds of a feather flock together
happy father's day 
to leader of our flock!

such a wonderful granddad to these kids
truly we are blessed!

this weekend did not stop for one second.  we rushed the kids to sleep, i left to go help Michelle sort through her new swag and see if she should/could be returning any items.  i then returned to saara's to help clean up and retrieve my crap from her clean little home.  it was a relief to take my time and chat while getting her place back in order.

returned home to fight like a bat out of hell with my husband before finishing up his father's day book moses and i made together.  

slept late and up "early" in an attempt to surprise kevin with breakfast in bed, but he was up shortly after, probably scared i was going to rip him 6 more assholes in his face hahaha.

the kids trying to mooch of their dad

nope, sorry, have not had time to sit and scan pages from the book to post here
you're just going to have to WAIT

next up: DIM SUM with my Auntie Ping and my Gong Gong at Sun Sui Wah.  

my brother wiping moses' spit off his face

these taro dumplings are my new favourite

soy sauce noodles for the kids, shui mai, gai lag, panfried rice noodles, radish cake, calamari, sesame dessert balls with black sesame filling...

my daughter the bottomless pit

impressive chopstick handling by both kids
very proud

slowing down

moses showing his blackened sesame teeth!


this photo blows my mind.  how can it be, that i am no longer the little one being handed crisp 50 dollar bills to go do whatever i want with?  how did time pass so quickly?  and now i have not one but TWO children?  at least moses does not yet have a clear understanding of dollar value and has not missed it since we took it for depositing.

back home for chloe's nap.  kevin went over to his parents to work on the Falcon and thankfully took moses along.  meanwhile, i ran over to Saara's to grab a box of gluten-free cake mix to make dessert for dinner.  had a hell of a time trying to decide what to do and what colours to use.  popped the cupcakes into the oven, washed the floors, and set up a little father's day shrine in honour of my dad.

the lovely pink flower came from my mom's garden
she left it on our car when she left saara's birthday.

these are two photos i usually have up on our mantle.  i love the one here above.  this is how i like to think of my dad, just having a relaxing afternoon stoop nap.  safe and at peace.

the photo below reminds me of his sense of humour.  
he continued to pose with many many statues throughout his lifetime.

i'm considering making this permanent.  i like the idea that he is always being remembered.  i like to think that my thoughts of him rise up with the incense to him, not to mention, flowers in the house on a regular basis would be uplifting when i'm feeling down.

chloe awoke just in time to see the cupcakes!

now... since my husband is the primary cook in the house, he is very familiar with the goings on in the kitchen, and will often tell me what i had made earlier in the day based on little clues i have left behind. since this cake was supposed to be a surprise i did my best to cover all my tracks, washing and returning all bowls and utensils to their place.

my plans were spoiled.  i had hoped he wouldn't be using the oven for dinner, but of course he did, and boy was he surprised to open it and find them hiding inside!  

dinner was delicious.  we used the spinach and arugula from Westham, mixed with cucumbers, cheese, and a light honey mustard dressing.  kevin baked a shepherds pie with organic beef, peas, potatoes from Westham, and 3 different cheeses.  inspired by his Nana's cooking, he fried up some of the potatoes in place of potato chips for a deliciously crunchy top!

although he may have found the cupcakes,  i hid the mini cake i made from from three of the cupcakes! i had just enough leftover frosting from ainge's cake to cover this miniature tower and since i absolutely suck at applying frosting, i had the ingenious idea of taking some of kevin's gluten free pecan cookies in an attempt to cover up my crappy frosting job!

TA DA!!!!

the kids and i had a cupcake, each topped with lemon yogurt and the pecan cookie crumbs!



8 pm rolled around and you can not even imagine the exhaustion that was beginning to infiltrate every muscle and bone in my body.  and yet, we still had one more Dad to honour.  i made one last card, and we drove over to kevin's Grandad's on the Bluff (thankfully only 5 minutes away) to wish him a Happy Father's Day as well.  i did bring the camera, but failed to take photos, too busy yawning every 45 seconds.

so that's it.  that's it.  it's 10 minutes til 1am.  

somehow june is already half over.  my birthday is next week and i will be 29...


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