the weekend: the luau

saturday was saara's big day.  she survived her first year in her thirties and celebrated with a luau themed party which i excitedly offered to help decorate.  afterall, what else was i supposed to do with all the crafty junk i have falling out of my closets?  

sigh.  i often wonder what life would be like if i was not inherently creative and if i did not care to blog... i might possibly have a steady career that supported mat leave and brought in bigger bucks.  i would definitely have more time to relax and more time to keep the house tidy.  instead, i end up adding to the children's mess with button paraphernalia, scraps of papers with scribbled ideas and sketches, closets full of egg cartons, two huge boxes of mason jars, 50 lbs of random fabric, 25 IKEA frames meant for selling art (though most have ended up given away as birthday presents), and i think a total of 4 typewriters.

i had no choice but to offer my services and admittedly, it was great to have some relief time away from the kids.  kevin took them out to Westham Island to collect our first bunch of produce while i hurriedly decorated as much as possible.  this first assortment included new potatoes, spinach &a arugula, mint, chives, parsley, lettuce, and some other tiny herb that is like garlic but looks like a green bean?

apparently the donkeys were having a gay old time with a pylon...

i wish i had had more time to go nuts but i arrived later than expected with barely anything planned.  it was an on the spot decorating challenge.  oh well.  i did what i could.  the party started at 3pm.  i left the house after the first guest arrived just after 3pm, i ran home in the drizzling rain, got dressed, got the kids packed up, grabbed the pineapple fried rice kevin had made, and zoomed back.  

chloe is wearing my grass skirt that i wore in Kindergarten.

my teacher was from Hawaii and i'm pretty sure i still have the video (VHS) kicking around of the class performing multiple songs.  my mom, of course, kept it for 24 years for such an occasion.  clearly, this is why i have an extra large suitcase packed full of moses and chloe's select favourites...  definitely the crazy hoarding gene from my mom lol.

the noms

the drink table

in the washroom

smoochie faces

me and the hub

he pretends this isn't his favourite...


sadly, we missed the adult shenanigans that continued later that night, but the kids would have had to go to sleep anyway.  we had to bounce and head over to my in-laws (Jen & Ian) for the first of the Father's Day honourings!


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