365 days of gratitude starts.... NOW!

I'm so grateful for Kevin.  

He has his habits and idiosyncrasies that drive me into complete madness and the heated arguments that show our distinct difference in perspectives leave me red with rage, but I am happy with this.  I have FANTASTIC problems, a motto passed down to me from one of my past co-workers.  

It's true.  

I am grateful today for Kevin because together we really make the best team.  He understands what is going on in my head, he doesn't ever complain, he is dutiful in the most responsible and considerate of ways, and with every single project I have ever done, he has always been an amazing colleague with positive criticisms and intelligent insight.  He is smart, creative, hardworking, and blessed with the ability to work with a variety of materials.  He enjoys wearing anything from the Misfits to McQueen and takes pride in his appearance when the occasion calls.  He stands among the many other dedicated dads and husbands, but as a partner in life, as the greatest friend and confidante, as my creative partner with taste that admittedly (but only occasionally, ha ha!) humbles me, and as someone who takes as much pleasure in food as myself, I couldn't have asked for more.  

I love being with him.  I love working with him.  I love fighting with him because when it gets really fucking bad, I am comfortable enough with him to just burst out laughing.
So thankful to be living life with my best friend, companion and raddest dad everrrrrrrr!



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