beating the heat

the summer weather has finally arrived!  and so has the start of a busy busy summer schedule.  with school out and people taking time off to enjoy the 2 months of warm weather there will be more playdates and communal dinners.  thank goodness we only have one wedding this summer as opposed to the last two summers that were wedding packed.  i just helped do a bridal shower out in cloverdale this weekend and they were happy enough that i may be roped into doing the rehearsal dinner as well as the reception for the bride's cousin come november!

first up, a lovely dinner at the lovely English Bluff rancher with kevin's Nana and Grandad.  i love how both kids recognize the house as we pull into the drive way.  they both start squealing with excitement. upon entering and hugging his great grandparents' knees, moses abruptly veers to the left and grabs his favourite trucks from out of the closet.

you know how kevin made that shepherd's pie inspired by his Nana?  she made the shepherd's pie for dinner complete with the potato chips baked on the top!  crispy crunchy delicious!

chloe inhaling some Canadian Berries Pie
(Thrifty's has this pie once a year for Canada Day!)

good times with Great Grandad

and the sweetest woman i know, Mary O'Brien.
 i couldn't have asked for a more loving and down to earth woman great grand mother!

our first hot day since my birthday at the beach
(and regular park)

so relieved they finally put up a fence to keep kids from running up into the street

waiting for the water to come

the winding streams leading down to the watermark

apple break!

yes, i am obsessed with chloe's big girl ponytail/buns

my special guy

another perfect summer day for the beach

in an attempt to take a mini nap, i convinced the kids to bury my legs and feet in the sand.  they got most of the way before finding sticks and jabbing them into the sand AKA MY LEGS.  so much for a warm snooze in the sun.

i brought guac and chips for a snack.  
chloe only wanted the guac and moses only wanted the chips.

my water baby

super rad sunglasses!!!!!!!


today i came up with the most brilliant idea for letting off some MOM STEAM.  you know those days where you want to yell the most hateful and hurtful things at your kids?  not because you don't love them but because humans can only deal with so much bullshit and let's face it, toddlers have a lot of bullshit to offer... AND I'VE GOT TWO!

after a busy and sweaty weekend prepping, decorating and packing and driving to and from cloverdale, i was more than happy to stay close to home.  since it was another great sunny day, i decided to do water balloons with the kids for the first time.  it was tough at first and i was doing a lot of yelling as i failed to competently fill balloons outside with the hose.  moses was helping to turn it off and on from its inconvenient location which meant turning the water on too high or not enough or not turning it off in time resulting in balloons bursting all over my clothes....

the washroom worked 100% better and we headed out to the courtyard.  i can not describe the feeling of scooping up one of those cool and beautifully coloured balls of wobbly water and then hucking it with all my might at the foot of my children.  SPLASH!  they squeal with laughter and inside, i am squealing as i actually get to throw something at them and release all that pent up rage from listening to their whining, cleaning up piss all over the floor, and general disobedience.

we also hung out at the back of the complex at the little "park".  it has no swings or slides, just a 3 storey treehouse with a pole.  i managed to amp moses up about being a fireman and eventually after a few tries he was ready and able to climb up and slide down the pole on his own!

so far summer, so good

hope you are all enjoying the great weather!


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