Building Artistry Book Launch

I received an invite to attend the book launch for Building Artistry by Ian Gillespie, my former employer at Westbank.  Held at the fancy pants Fairmont Pacific Rim, I swapped shifts at work to get dressed up, mingle with old co-workers, and of course indulge in the free food and champagne!

these kids, they are spoiled.

i could not have asked for a more perfect menu.  essentially, it was an upscale kids' menu plus sushi!  i found this highly amusing.  people with money being treated to mac and cheese and pbj sandwiches, but why wouldn't they enjoy it?  EVERYONE loves kids food!  feeding the kids was a dream!

mini cups of fancy "mac'n'cheese" or risotto

mini sliders!

maowing down food above the lambourghinis


don't know how many glasses were taken away from me.  the second you turn around, they assume you are finished and snatch up the glasses!  they took my plate of sushi which was the very last of it!

Caela-la with Ian

me and the boss

grilled peanut butter jam and banana
cucumber and cream cheese

dessert buffet and self serve ice cream buffet

drinking on the job

so clearly i did more face stuffing and a little less mingling... what else is new.  it was great seeing old faces though depressing to know they are moving up and on in their careers.  it felt good to have them express how i was missed and be asked when i would be coming back.  nights like these remind me of how much i enjoyed being a part of the Westbank family.  having only been there for a year before having Moses, it was definitely my favourite place to work.

Thank you for being a part of the dream and look forward to your return

(sigh, my old desk...)


  1. What type of work did you do at Westbank?
    How is the work environment different from other companies? I dream of working for Ian.


  2. Hi Mike,

    I was the humble receptionist. There is nothing I can compare to working at Westbank as all my prior jobs were either working part-time to get through school or as a receptionist at my job previous to Westbank. I don't know what area you are interested in but you better be ready to work like a boss!



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