happy birthday little bra

celebrated my brother's birthday at my mom's house.

chloe napped while moses' helped me make the cake jars

helping never tasted so delicious!

i prepped most of the dinner at home and packed everything up to take over to my mom's.

from 2000 to 2008 i rode in vintage cars with my boyfriend and husband, kevin o'brien.   in 2008 my body said "hey, you might get pregnant within the next 5 years, let's buy a NEW car!"  so we bought a Jetta.  this is my first photo, after countless shots in kevin's vintage car history together, with little kids in the backseat.  this is a photo to be framed for life.  both the kids love the Falcon.  i think we are all loving it.  it feels like a dream come true.

went with Jamie Oliver and a Westham Island salad

watching obscene cartoons

"i came here for MAN BUTT"

the desserts wait patiently

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear IDIOT
happy birthday to you

i totally thought i would only take a few bites but i got totally gang banged by the layers of cake, chocolate mousse, strawberries and coconut yogurt.  can't stop, won't stop, eh-eh eh-eh.


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