Lipstick Queen Coco

there really isn't much need for explanation.  chloe spent the entire day pushing chairs up to counters and dressers to find some forbidden objects to inspect.  i managed to keep her away from the knives, scissors, camera, tweezers, and since she managed to eat my deodorant on the weekend, it was no longer available for her to sample.

i was checking up on some emails at 4:45pm.  kevin would be home in a half hour and we would be able to get ready and leave for dinner and assistance at renee's.  chloe walked into the computer room.  i had no idea what the fuck happened, all i saw was red red red.  paint? where the fuck did she find paint???  BLUSH???  she always tries to get to my blush... but it's not that vibrant and there isn't that much blush to go around??? 

i quickly scooped her up from behind and as i ran her through the main area, i saw my lipstick sitting on the floor by our once-white folding stool.  it was now smeared with lipstick as well.  like other disastrous instances of toddlerhood, i grabbed my camera and took a few shots before throwing her in the bathtub. 

actually looked pretty cool in her hair.  after bathing her with soap and towels, i had a pack of sample Ponds make up remover napkins which worked great.  i squeezed as much as i could out of her hair so that it wouldn't stain, but the leftovers ended up looking very subtle and very adorable.  



  1. i can't believe that coco did all that to herself! haha...and she was so quiet and you didn't hear anything. what a crazy girl. that's a whole LOTTA lipstick. i like the red in her hair too. ;)


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