NOMS: Summer Thanksgiving

it's been a great week!  Michelle and the family went to the States for the week and Ainge ended up housesitting for them, which pretty much meant she was also helping to babysit Mo&Co.  in return, she was text-summoned for breakfast every morning, and shared all meals with us.  she was my food guinea pig!  here are a few select noms from our week with Ainge.

Fried Watermelon 
with Honey Glazed Walnuts
Gordon Ramsey's World Kitchen Recipes

i personally was not sold on the watermelon but the honey glazed walnuts went addictively well with a side of Coconut Bliss ice cream.  FYI, if you missed my post about Coconut Bliss, it's organic, non-dairy, non-soy, and one of my top guilty pleasures!

you-know-who devoured it...

... and licked the plate

Tomato & Leek Frittata
(with Fruit & Nut Manna bread)

these were fabulous.  i felt like such a champ!
i don't think i have beaten egg yolks to stiff peaks since grade 8-9 in Home Ec.
so stoked that these turned out!!! they look like pizzas!


best friends!
(moses requested i take this photo of them together)

the Super Asian Fail!

every meal is like being on Masterchef where you only have a certain amount of time to make something.  you never know if you are going to fail!  well, i knew this was coming sooner or later...

these eggplants are killing me.  everything went wrong with these.
i'm determined to figure it out.
UGH.  they look like disgusting zombie-lady vaginas... with onions

so this was supposed to be light and served chilled.  it did not at all embody what i had been going for.    the flavours were weak.  the noodles did not go.  it actually tasted a lot better once the noodles were gone and i added rice to the broth.  it became a nice "chicken" soup with rice.  weird.

moving on.

Cozy Lunch
Cauliflower Mac'n'Cheese, Carrot Fries, Curry-Lime Mayo

normally i usually throw mayo, honey & mustard together for the dip.  i added a little curry powder and a squeeze of lime this time which was a nice tangy change.

Summer Thanksgiving!

this was mouthwatering.  visually, it is not especially appealing, but i was so pleasantly surprised, mouthful after mouthful, at how well everything tasted together.  it was precisely that first bite at Thanksgiving dinner, except instead of a forkful of turkey, mashed potatoes with cranberry sauce, and buttery-lemon brussels, it's a forkful of slow cooked (organic!) pork, a coat of creamy cauliflower puree (dairy free!) with homemade sweet cherry sauce, and a light crunchy (gluten-free!) flake of battered brussel sprouts.  this recipe was all kevin except for the cauliflower.  it definitely helped bring the savoury-sweet with the bitter brussels together, if i do say so myself.  HA.

Moses did not like the brussels.

and last but not least!

Carrot Coconut Ginger Soup

proud to say i pulled this yummy little number right out of my ass.  having not considered Ainge's favourite tastes other than fresh simmered ginger at night, i decided to make this soup for her.  

this soup followed the rules of the other soups i've made.  parboiling 4 large carrots and 4 early nugget potatoes (12-14 minutes) before sautéing onions, garlic, and (more) ginger in a saucepan.  added leftover veggie stock and a can of coconut milk to the saucepan and simmered for 5 minutes before adding the carrots and potatoes.  added a pinch of all spice, cumin, curry powder, cayenne pepper.  simmered for another 5-6 minutes.  threw it in a blender until smooth, adding some almond milk to thin it out.

i'm pretty sure that this was her favourite!  yay!  success!

we celebrated!
Pimms Gingerale & Apple Slices


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