OH Canada!

Langley for a visit with the lovely Katherine

delish homemade sammies!
goat cheese on slices of yummy sourdough
topped with pan roasted mushrooms, peppers, onions and tomates

yoga mat = endless entertainment

this week's Westham Island bag of goodies

caught red handed!

worked a quickie shift 930-230 and readied ourselves for a communal Canada Day BBQ over at the Stones' lovely home in Vancouver.  so strange how the house has transformed since my high school days when Nicole and Ashley lived their with their parents.  i used to think Nicole and Brock were really mean, but nothing could be further from the truth.  it's been great being friends with both the Schmidt girls :)

moses' new favourite thing to do

10 minutes later

glad i found out these were real before i started rubbing them on my face

LOL old man Rook stinking up the washroom


cannibalism at its cutest


crazy cake!

watching MegaMind

walked over to Queen Elizabeth park to watch the fireworks at Nat Bailey Stadium

M for Moses

both kids loved the fireworks although they were too loud for mono.  chloe would "ooooo" whenever there was one that she really liked and would wildly wave her Canada flag!

Happy Canada Day!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous account of your day-by-pictures!

    (We share a common affinity for Westham Island produce and visits to Langley...)

    Charming family you've got. We should be grateful for each day!



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