Simply the Best!

there is no better way to start a hot summer weekend than with drinks, mj, and delicious bbq with the Langemann's.  the kids and i arrived early around 2:30pm.  thankfully we left late/early enough that chloe managed to nap on the ride out since there would be no chance in hell of her napping at their house.  we spent the afternoon in their backyard paradise, sitting in the sun with yummy drinks in mason jars and our double-baby-bellies hanging out of our bikini bottoms while the kids ran amok.  liz was out on a doctor's visit with baby Arlo, so Taryn and I tag teamed the 5 kids til the other adults arrived.

i never imagined motherhood could be so idyllic.  getting together like this is one of the best things about becoming a mom.  i love my mom friends and i love how much easier it is to deal with kids when you have someone else in that same boat.  i dare say, the moments that would normally make you throw your hands up in the air at home alone, can seem less stressful and actually a little funny when there is someone else playing on your team.  perhaps it is easier to laugh when you have someone else there dealing with their issue(s) of the day.  or maybe it's just because i am in love with Taryn?

hanna was grumpy in the afternoon, but relaxed in the evening.  moses tried to pee standing up and pissed all over the washroom floor.  chloe had a bum rash that had her screaming and crying a handful of times throughout the afternoon and evening.  dinner time rolled around and the kids went to town on pizza.  it was funny to notice all the parental hands that were constantly holding out food as the kids wandered in and out of the house.  burgers, quinoa salad, smokies and a few cheeses made their debut and quickly found their way into our bellies.  popsicles were handed out to the kidlets and after a period of going totally nuts, their bodies finally gave out.  hanna went to bed, my kids chilled inside on the couch.  the evening cooled down, the sun set across the backyard, and we packed up.


Armenie Sunday

Hanna Panda

failed to take photos of the delish fries and curry ketchup i made
guess i'll just have to make more...

babely beauty

Syx & Luke

Liz & Koa

Rad Chaos
6 kids + Ozzy rocking out Iron Man on the radio

plus Lulu!  
such a sweet dog, so good and patient as all the kids screamed LULU!!! LULU!!! and chased her around the yard.


Armenie put this bucket on her head and freaked out when it got stuck.  I released her.
Repeat x5

Koa & Hanna

my Coco Bear

UGH Taryn i love you!!!!!!

passed out in seconds

days like these make me miss my old days less.  life is so good when you have such great friends to share it with, kids or no kids.  i am ever grateful for all the generous, supportive, loving and hilarious people in my life.  you are all such a blessing.  thank you.  


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