Triple Birthday Weekend!

can't stop.  won't stop.

this weekend we celebrated a lot of birthdays.  saturday we celebrated Rook's first birthday during the day, came home for chloe's nap, returned to the Stone's home to drop off the kids while kev and i dropped by Ki at Shangri-La for my cousin's surprise 40th birthday, and then headed back to the Stone's to celebrate Brock and Ashley.  the spread was fantastic!  after much drinking, i worked 9:30-2:30pm sunday and rushed home to clean and cook dinner for Kev's mom's birthday.  since we missed our Saturday night dinner with them, we decided to have them all over for their first real visit to our home since we moved here 3 years ago!

so on with the photos!

Nicole went with a Richard Scarry inspired birthday for Rook.  I did the scanning and photoshopping to get all her favourite images for the party.

Polite Elephant on the Loot Bags

buttons/magnets for birthday favours!

people had the choice of donning a StinkFace Rook button pin or taking a magnet version back home for their fridge magnet collection

the delish spread went quickly!


Pinterest! Ha!

such a great job with the decoration colours Nicole!

Kids Piñata!

chloe downing glass after glass of the refreshing watermelon-basil juice

pretty mama...

...PROUD mama!

Chris's Surprise 40th at Ki

sweet hubby Thomas had the entire restaurant reserved for this party
each table had a flower and framed photo of Chris

Barbie Dolls
Seattle based Chris Jordan
this art piece is amazing.  it is created by 32, 000 Barbies, representing the number of elective
breast augmentation surgeries PER MONTH in the US.

wooo!!!  who loves DRINK TICKETS!!!


well hello there coconut mojito, we meet again!  
two drink tickets?  my husband will kindly donate his to my cause!

no kids!  free drinks!  free sushi!  HOLLA!



apparently Chris had been drinking since noon...

back to the Stone's home for adult piñata

the end.


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